Soft and Supple: 4 Ways to Prevent Dry Skin in Babies

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One thing we know about babies’ skin is that it’s soft and smooth, but also fragile and sensitive by nature. Unfortunately, quite often, this sensitivity can lead to the appearance of dryness. While it can be temporary and pass quickly … Continued

Factors to Consider when Buying Baby Bibs

Newborn bib

Feeding time with your little one often gets messy. But with the right baby bibs, you’ll keep their outfits looking fresh and spotless for longer. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one that combines … Continued

Preparing for Baby: Newborn Clothing Essentials

newborn clothing essentials

Whether starting a registry, looking down at a mound of baby shower gifts, or peering into the wide eyes of a days-old newborn who, surprise, just vomited up again, every parent has the nagging feeling of missing some newborn clothing … Continued