Bamboo Shirt Dress: An Option That Fits Perfectly the Comfort Marries Style Trend

The rising trend of staying stylish but not at the expense of comfort is demonstrating that it sure is possible to achieve both. There are many casual, yet elegant (to a certain extent) options, that go well with the modern consumers’ hectic schedules without compromising on style. One such versatile option is the shirt dress. An elongated version of a button-down shirt, it’s extended to the length of a dress that you can wear for many different occasions.

But there is a catch regarding what can make this already comfy option even better and that is the fabric choice – bamboo, to be precise. Clothes that are made using bamboo are known for looking and feeling luxurious. More absorbent than even the finest organic cotton, softer than silk, cooler than linen and gentler to the skin than many man-made fibers, bamboo can make your skin feel good, pleasantly cool and dry.

Now that you know what makes a bamboo short dress such a versatile option, let’s look at some pairing ideas for creating the perfect outfits. Although bamboo is widely used in casual wear, depending on how you style it, you can wear a shirt dress for almost any occasion.

At the Beach

It can be worn at the beach as it’s casual enough to be used to simply cover yourself and it can be easily paired with sandals and hat. You can wear it unbuttoned once you’re at the beach and enjoy the pleasant breeze while still being able to get some protection from the sun.

When Running Errands

When you need to run some errand, get a cup of coffee or hit the malls for a shopping session with your gals, a shirt dress paired with flats or sneakers can be exactly what you need. To personalize the look even more, you can add a piece of and accessorise it with some jewellery pieces, a scarfs, a hats or a belts. Of course, feel free to combine more than one accessory.

At the Office

The combination of a shirt dress, heels and blazer can take you to the office or to a nice place for dinner while looking polished and put-together.

Even When It’s Chilly

With a little help of other clothing items, shirt dresses can be easily worn on chilly days as well. You can pull such a look off by combining it with skin-tight pants or black leggings and boots or pumps and a coat. They can be also used as a top if tied or tucked in the pants.

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