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Bathroom Accessories: Non-Essentials that Can Convey Luxe Style

Apart from the obvious trait – functionality – every bathroom needs some style. For many of us, the shower or bath we take after a long day is essential to our mental health. And while water is healing, beauty can be a great addition to the stress-melting quality of taking a shower or a bath.

For your bathroom to be functional, there is a clear checklist of things you need. However, non-essential things that can up your style, can in fact be essential for bringing in more beauty into your bathroom design. In other words, though having something as a fancy stylish soap dish, may not be essential, it will certainly make a huge difference in your bathroom’s overall appearance.

More than any other room, bathrooms can be decorated with the essential things that make them functional. Anything that goes into your bathroom can be stylish: from the soap dispenser, or even the soap itself, the towel holders, or the towels themselves, all the way to the fixtures, or the final touches, like the bath wastes or the toilet seat. So, the best bet for that extra luxurious feel, is to find items that are both functional and look good.

Stylish Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rail
source: designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk

Not only useful, but also quite stylish, electric heated towel rails for bathrooms can be one of those things that can play both roles at the same time. They offer a very convenient way to keep your towels dry and warm. But, even more importantly, especially for homes without central heating, they will also provide enough heat to warm up the bathroom.

Regardless of whether you are just adding it to your bathroom, or you want it for the bathroom you are building from scratch, heated towel rails or racks are quite straightforward and easy to instal. However, it’s important to know that it’s not something you can do yourself, unless you are a licenced electrician. Typically, electric towel warmers can either run on electricity, with or without a thermostat (for fixed or adjustable temperature of the heater), or they can be connected to the central heating, if you have it.

If you are considering to look for electric heated towel rails for bathrooms, there are many different sizes, styles and finishes that you can choose from. Typically, quality heated towel rails are made of stainless steel with different finishes, that can range from polished – silver, different colours, all the way to black matte. Apart from rails, with different sizes, number of bars, designs, there are also stylish wall mounted heated racks that can bring even more luxurious vibe to your bathroom.

So, if you want to update a bathroom, having a heated towel rail or a heated towel rack installed is a safe bet. This investment will not keep your towels bacteria-free, by drying them faster, but it will only bring you more warmth for cold weather. They offer a great heating solution for bathrooms, that’s also much more subtle and stylish than other options for homes without central heating.

Luxurious Bathroom Fittings

Luxe Bathroom Style
source: interiorzine.com

As we already said, you can use anything that goes into your bathroom to make your bathroom stylish. This also includes the bathroom fittings – the accessories, the mirrors, the cabinets… Unique fittings that enhance your style are crucial for any room’s design, including bathrooms. Bathroom accessories are an easy way to make sure your bathroom always looks nice, but also to keep it up to date, since they aren’t necessarily expensive, and can be easily removed and replaced.

Mirrors are of course a must-have in every bathroom. But though it’s not essential to have a mirror that will provoke awe, why not take advantage of this opportunity to give your bathroom even more style? Mirrors, in any form, are often used in interior design to get different effects – to make a space look visually larger, to bring in more light, to create an accent wall etc.

Aside from the typical mirrored cabinets, you could get more visual interest by putting an interesting mirror: framed one, one with pencil or bevelled edge, one in some stunning shape… One beautiful trend right now that you can use if you want to bring more style in your bathroom, are mirrors illuminated with led lights. Not only will they provide additional lighting in your bathroom, but they will also create a sense of luxury in a unique, contemporary way.

Unique Bathroom Fixtures

The biggest, most expensive, and most vital items, (or in other words the elements that make a bathroom) also offer an opportunity to give your bathroom another dimension, and beyond very conventional and functional, make it appealing and stunning. And with today’s incredibly vast range of fixtures you can choose from, it’s much easier for homeowners to opt not only for practicality and convenience, but also for striking style.

When it comes to contemporary trends, right now the most popular ones are freestanding bath tubs, walk-in showers with frameless glass, floating toilets, stylish, uniquely shaped basins, etc.

Walk-In Shower
source: tilemaze.com

Even tapware can be what brings you the luxury you are looking for – there are unbelievable designs of taps and showerheads out there: vintage, contemporary, wall-mounted, basin mounted, there are even futuristic looking tapware that have the ability to transform bathrooms into something out of sci-fi films. So even if you are just looking to refresh your bathroom, one option is to simply add some unique piece that will work with the existing elements.

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