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Beauty Trends for Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries women love the dramatic look, while Taurus women pay a lot of attention to lip care. Cancerians are great makeup artists, while Virgos love the natural look. Each zodiac sign has their own preferences when it comes to hair and makeup. Read on to find out which beauty trends are best suited to you according to your zodiac sign!


Aries women love highlighting their eyes with mascara, black eyeliner and dark eye shadows. They love the dramatic look, and they always have flawless complexion and hair. However, their everyday makeup should be more natural and feminine. They should avoid bright lip glosses.


Taurus women are by nature lazy and their makeup often comes down to highlighting the lips and eyelids. They need to avoid purple and pearly lipsticks. Instead, they should wear more natural pink tones and lip glosses. They are practical women and very often opt for a hairstyle that is long enough for ponytail.


Women born under this sign should wear short hair and minimal makeup, because it will make them feel attractive and desirable. Expressive and noticeable hair color along with a natural makeup is the ideal look for the Gemini woman. In order to look totally trendy and youthful, try to avoid dark eye shadows and lipsticks.


Cancer women are extremely demanding when it comes to makeup and hairstyles. Blue and pearly shades, as well as pink lip glosses, are best suited to this sign. They have inborn talent for makeup, so they should avoid additional tips on makeup.

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For Leo women, the makeup does not know for boundaries. Their hair is the most important thing, so they change colors and hairstyles more often than other women. They are not afraid to experiment with colors and false eyelashes.


Careful and organized Virgos are very conscious about the cosmetics they use. They need to read the content of every product, in order to feel secure. They should avoid heavy makeup and learn to balance between natural cosmetics and trends. Their hairstyle must be simple and natural.


Women born under the Libra horoscope sign should wear long hair more than any other sign. It will make them feel more desirable and sexy. Bright eye shadows and pearly eye pencils are best suited for the Libras. They should avoid heavy makeup and wear shiny lip gloss or traditional red lipstick.


Scorpio women can enjoy the frequent change of hair color and makeup. Their makeup must be expressive. The Scorpio woman is a real chameleon when it comes to makeup. She is always keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends.


Sagittarius women can wear bright colors, false eyelashes, lip glosses… pretty much anything they want.They are huge fans of extremely short or long hairstyles. Women born under this zodiac sign more than anyone hate hair styling tools.


Capricorn women prefer classy and elegant makeup and hair. Their cosmetic bag is always filled with the same products. These women don’t like to experiment and when choosing cosmetics, they always play it safe. Shades of blue are best suited for them.


Aquarians love changes and they often change completely. Their cosmetic bag often have very noticeable makeup. Green and blue eye shadows as well as red and orange lipsticks are best suited for them. Short boyish haircuts look amazing on them.


Pisces often experiment with makeup, which is in accordance with their artistic nature. Light and airy makeup is best suited for them, as well as glittery or wet makeup look. They often wear trendy hairstyles. Unlike other zodiac signs, Pisces women change their hair color when they get tired of their own image in the mirror.

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