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Bedside Table Decor That Will Jazz Up the Room & Inspire Sweet Dreams

Countless times have I looked in a magazine, seen dozens of stylish items collected on a bedside table and then looked at mine only to realize how purely decorated it was. I mean, how could an impractical lamp and an ugly alarm clock contribute to my good mood when I wake up, and not to mention to the design of my bedroom? It would’ve been just plain stupid to leave things as they were – so I took matters in my hand and decided to give my bedside table the chance to jazz up my bedroom décor. I strongly believe it has the power to do so, so I went online, typed “bedside tables furniture arrangement ideas” and started my small project. Ecxitement levels skyrocketed.

The artwork factor


Just take a step back and see the bigger picture – take a look at all that empty space behind your bedside table and visualize it with an adequate size black&white artwork above it. Nice, right? Place a stylish black lamp on the bedside tables furniture and a couple of books that you’re interested in reading right next to it. Notice the three tiers of height? Artsy and functional.

Light it up


If you feel like your bedroom could use some more light, how about placing a mirror right above your nightstand? You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Well, add to this the fact that the light that the nighstand lamp emits will reflect through the space and I bet you’ll love the idea. Uniqueness at its finest!

All white everything…oh wait

In an all-white bedroom setting a bit of pop of colour is always more than welcomed. A white headbord, a white bedside table, a white lamp and an alarm clock in the same hue will be paired perfectly well with some detail in colour. Think a vibrant yellow tray to keep all the bedtime necessities in order. The ideal sight to cheer you up in the morning.

The cute little details


Adding cute little bowls which will contain all of your jewlery and bedtime details while at the same time acting as decorative pieces, is another way to spice up the interior design of your bedroom. And the cherry on top – add a vase of colourful flowers as the final touch. Put on some smooth tune and enjoy your time spent there. Positive vibes only!

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