Benefits of Regular Arborist Tree Inspections: A Rising Trend

Trees are a key part of any beautiful landscape and they can provide you with a much-needed shade from the hellish Australian weather. With that said, it’s important to keep your trees healthy so that they can keep their beauty and function. While newly planted trees require regular care and maintenance to ensure they reach their full potential, most people forget that older trees require quite a bit of care and attention too. In fact, worth knowing is that the roots of many older trees can get weaker, so inspecting them once in a while is essential.

tree and shrub insect control

Not only can a weak or damaged tree lose its beauty throughout the years, but it can also become a hazard for your family and home. There are many incidents where a collapsed tree has injured someone, damaged homes, cars, or has just made a mess in backyards. Additionally, you should have professional tree and shrub insect control inspectors check your trees and rid them of harmful pests. Pests not only create visible damage to your trees, but they also stress them and can cause the trees’ health to substantially decline and in some cases, be detrimental to their health.

There are many certified tree and shrub insect control experts all around Australia who are equipped with the experience to properly identify and diagnose a large range of issues that are common for your area of living. And while paying a professional arborist to perform an inspection may seem like overkill, it’s much better to prevent or treat your trees early than after they’ve been significantly damaged by the pests, which in some cases might mean you’ll have to completely cut off the tree.

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Some of the symptoms to look out for in a damaged or unhealthy tree, regardless of whether from pests or anything else, are the growth of mushrooms and fungi around the trunk, which is a common indicator of a problem with the roots. Another common issue are dry branches that aren’t properly developing on the tips, and it means that your tree isn’t growing and thriving as it should.

With that said, a certified arborist can provide you with expert service and can determine whether your tree can be helped or it’s beyond help and will need to be removed from your property. Disease, fungi, and pests are the most common culprits and timely diagnosis is key to keeping your trees healthy and your landscape looking great.

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