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Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses Set New Industry Trends

For some people, drinking coffee or tea is a daily ritual. This morning ritual gives people enough strength to start their busy day. Wondering how can you make your morning ritual even more enjoyable? Try drinking your favorite coffee or tea in a nice-looking glass. Sometimes, it is the small things that can make a real difference. People today pay more attention on details than they did in the past. The people at Bodum Pavina had that in mind when they created the well-known double wall glasses.

Bodum Pavina

The double wall glasses from Bodum Pavina are used for serving cold and warm beverages. This brand succeeded to set a new industry trend with its amazing double wall glasses. People today are far more creative when it comes to serving beverages. Thanks to Bodum Pavina, various hot and cold drinks taste and look better than before. Bodum Pavina re-shaped the traditional glass design and introduced a completely new glass-in-glass technology. What keeps the drinks hot or cold are the two lightweight glass layers that create a vacuum layer for good thermal insulation. Those who want to drink their coffee hot or cold, love the unique Bodum Pavina glass design. Thanks to the good insulating qualities, the hot drinks remain hot, while the cold ones cool without condensation.

The Bodum Pavina double wall glasses are perfect for all hot and cold drinks, as well as for desserts like chocolate pudding. Make your coffee break a special moment. You will certainly notice a difference by drinking your coffee in a regular mug and in a Bodum coffee or tea double wall glass. You will notice a big difference in the taste. The Bodum Pavina double wall glasses are not just functional, they look beautiful and stylish as well. It doesn’t take to much to treat your guests as VIP persons. These glasses give an impression that you make a coffee with love.

Another nice thing about these double wall glasses is that there will not be messy rings on your table when serving cold and hot drinks. That’s because these glasses don’t condensate. Plus, they are easy to clean and wash. Don’t be afraid to put them in the dishwasher. They don’t require special washing. The Bodum Pavina glasses are designed in Switzerland and are made from durable borosilicate glass material. It’s not like the standard Chinese material that can be found in most glasses which breaks easily on low pressures. The Bodum Pavina glasses are available in a set of four in two different sizes. Serving drinks is fun with Bodum Pavina double wall glasses.

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