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Bosch Power Tools: It’s Not a Trend, It’s a Workshop Necessity

Something that not everyone can brag about is finishing their training as a precision mechanic at the age of 18. Well, that was the case with Robert Bosch, the founder of Robert Bosch GmbH. This happened back in 1886, Stuttgart, where the early beginnings of Bosch were characterised by social commitment. While this stays true to the brand even today, Bosch has entered various industries throughout its long history, and has made a lasting impression in most of them.

Up until around 1905, there were no plans on expanding to other markets in the world, but the year after it all changed. This resulted in 88% of Bosch’s sales being outside of Germany, prompting the company to even get into manufacturing components for cars such as spark plugs. Then it all crumbled after World War II which allowed Bosch to start a new chapter in the 60s. This led to the globalisation of the company which started in the 90s and is still going strong.

Recommended Bosch Tools

Impact Driver


Today, like many tool manufacturers, the most popular tools that the company makes are Bosch power tools. This is because they are convenient and easy to use with the perfect example being impact drivers. These Bosch tools excel at making your fastening experience feel like a walk in the park. All you do is pull a trigger and the screw or nut is put into place. When compared to a hammer drill, an impact driver is much lighter and smaller.



Another small tool that people rely on a lot when it comes to making curved lines in the wood. You can use jigsaws on other materials too, such as plastic and metal. Unlike most saws, which are made to make straight cuts, jigsaws allow you to make more complicated cuts and patterns. Jigsaws are essentially portable power saws with fine-toothed and narrow blades. When using a jigsaw though, using the right blade is key to making your cuts look clean. So, when searching for a jigsaw make sure you pay attention to the type of blade it uses.

Angle Grinder


Something that not everyone knows is that side and angle grinders are the same thing. These Bosch power tools have a spinning disc that travels at high RPM, allowing you to cut, polish and grind both metal and non-metal items. You can find angle grinders that rely on electricity, compression, and petrol, as well as in a corded or cordless version.



Also known as an oscillating multi-tool, a multi-cutter is one of those Bosch tools that is able to cut into and through just about anything. You can also grind, sand and scrape items with it, make holes for power outlets and a plethora of other things as long as you have the right attachment. The oscillations are what makes this tool unique and the attachments are what makes it so versatile.



If you want to purely sand surfaces, then a sander is just what you need. The name of this power tool is self-explanatory, and it is much like an angle grinder. This is because, with every sander, the disc is the most important component. The most popular type of power sander is the orbital sander, which features a vibrant sanding surface and it is circular in shape. Other sanders include belt, random orbital, finishing, and disc sanders.

Heat Gun


These handheld power tools from Bosch are made to output high heat levels with the press of a trigger. Heat guns blow hot air, which can be useful when you want to shrink materials such as film, tubing and plastic or strip old paint away. Usually, the heat that heat guns can produce varies from 100°C to 550°C. The hot air comes out through a nozzle and it is spread out by a fan.



A power drill will always deliver exceptional results no matter the surface you’re drilling through. Power drills have been around for a long time now and they can help you do more than just drill a hole through a wall. You can also fix screws into place with it. Again, for this, you need to have the right drill bit.



A hammer is a reliable tool when it comes to putting nails into wood, but it is not as quick as using a power nailer. A Bosch power nailer will allow you to drive as many nails as you want without the added strain and the occasional bruise on your thumb. Bosch nailers come with all sorts of safety features that make it nearly impossible to injure yourself while using them. Nailers act much like a gun since the way you shoot the nails into the wood is by pulling a trigger and compressed air drives the nail through the material you have it placed against.

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