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Brace for Back: Trendy Aid for Trendy Pain

Modern day, modern ailments. While in the past you wouldn’t hear so much about back pain, it seems like it’s exactly what we hear about everywhere lately. As a result of a change in the lifestyles we lead, from active shifting to couch potatoes, it’s no surprise about 3.7 million Australians are experiencing back related issues.

brace for back pain

I’m going to use the example of bad posture here, as the typical trendy issue that comes from all the sitting at home, school, work, or driving, though to be honest, it’s not that different with standing either. It can be something simple that only affects your self-confidence, or something more serious that leads to lower back and neck strain, when persistent.

Instead of turning your nightstand and bathroom cabinet into your own little pharmacy, counting on painkillers to rid you of the discomfort and stiffness, you can seek the help of specialised aids, like the trendy brace for back pain. There are different types of braces with design based on different types of back pain.

In the case of slouching, the posture trainer is the ideal solution to help us put an end to the habit of curving once and for all. Monitoring the way you sit and stand, this brace is an Australian invention that alerts you with a beep or vibration when you have to keep the shoulders up, and helps correct protruding abdomen.

As a result, you would expect to be able to sit and stand straight without anyone reminding you of it constantly, and improve your breathing along the way, as well as prevent back, joint, shoulder, and neck pain, including headaches. Best of all is it’s a compact design, and it can be worn anywhere, at home, work, or even throughout workouts.

The brace for back pain aside, it’s necessary to have in mind getting overweight can make for slouching too, so it’s important to stay in shape as much as you can, and develop some habits that also help with the posture.

It’s essential to be patient, remembering every habit takes time, and practice to keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed whenever and wherever you can. Doing exercises can be useful too, like stretching first thing in the morning and doing some yoga that’s good for the strengthening of the essential good posture muscles, abdomen and pelvis.

And oh, don’t forget to find the right training for the neck and shoulders. Strong neck and shoulders means there’s no time for slouching!

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