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Bring the Outdoors In: Trendy Hanging Pots for Indoor Plants

Decorating your home with plants can add instant greenery to your abode, improving the overall atmosphere. While faux plants are an interior home decor trend, real plants are more beneficial for our health. Caring for your indoor plants is a hobby for all seasons. Not only are they great decorative details, but they also can be therapeutic, relieve stress, boost your energy and improve the quality of indoor air. Even if you’re short on floor space or you have pets and children, you can still have a flourishing garden.

Hanging pots for indoor plants are here to help your plant family reach new heights. These guys have been hanging around for a while now and it looks like they’re set to stay. They are easy to use, eye-catching and sufficiently roomy. Indoor hanging pots are a great way to take advantage of that unused ceiling space that’s overflowing with potential. And since your plants will be up at eye level, you won’t miss them, and you’ll notice sooner if they need attention. With an array of styles, designs and colours to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding a hanging pot to suit your plant and room scheme.

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Consider the Size

When you’re choosing indoor hanging planters, you need to consider the size of the pot and the hanger straps to make sure your plants have enough space. These versatile pots are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, from tiny and cute to large and sophisticated. Their versatility in sizes and shapes allow you to hang them in literally every room as long as there’s enough sunlight.

If you need a small hanging pot you want to hang in your bathroom, you can opt for a planter that is 14 cm high, 12 cm wide and 8.5 cm deep. You can easily find measurements smaller than this that can suit your needs. Small indoor hanging pots are ideal for grouping more plants to create a colourful mini garden. Some plants need more soil to grow, and they can succeed easier in a medium or large bowl.

You can find medium pots that are wide around 20 cm, while large pots can be 30 cm wide or more. If the depth is important for the plant you intend to grow, make sure the pot you choose is at least 14 cm deep. The hanger stripes size can also vary, and they can be between 50 and 100 cm long. The indoor hanging pots feature a drainage hole and drip-free plug, and they’re also suitable for outdoor use.

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Style and Colour

Contemporary hanging pots are available in a wide range of colours and shapes, easy to match any home decor. Most of them feature a sleek and elegant design, allowing your beautiful garden to act as wall art as well. Whether you attach them to the wall, or you hang them on the ceiling, you can use them to add colour and texture to space. Most modern hanging pots for indoor plants are designed in an oval or round shape, with either smooth or textured surfaces.

Minimalistic designs are usually black and white, although pastels are also very popular. You can brighten up your kitchen with some hanging pots in yellow, or match your bathroom decor with soft blue or pink planters. While some pots are simple and sleek, others are real masterpieces. You can opt for an aesthetically unique gold and silver pebble design to add some glitter and shine to the room.


When it comes to indoor hanging pots material, ceramic and porcelain pots are leading the game. They are more beautiful and elegant than any other planters, suitable for the living room, bedroom and outdoor areas. The pot body of ceramic planters doesn’t fade, deform, and retain water. They also allow air and water movement through the sides of the pot. Air movement stimulates root growth, which results in healthier plants. The hanger straps can be made from different materials. Some hanging planters come with leather string straps, some are made from stainless steel, while others have a three-strand macrame cable system. Macrame hangers are very popular and can give your indoor jungle a little boho feel. You can also find them separably.

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Use a Plant Hanger

If you already have some plants, but you are running out of ground space, you can raise your garden game to a higher level with a plant hanger. Macramé plant hangers are a fun way to display your favourite plant and add a little of that 70s flare to your home. You can opt for a hanger made from rope with a hanging ring to hang from your ceiling. These stylish and practical plant hangers are usually available in beige, but you can also find them in black. They are also available in size small, medium and large, so you can easily find one for your planter.

What Are the Best Indoor Hanging Plants?

Many types of plants work in hanging planters. Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is among the best indoor plants. This flower sports an elegant look thanks to its variegated golden-yellow leaves. It needs a moderate amount of light to bring out its colours. You can keep it in your bedroom since it’s known to purify airborne toxins, which helps you breathe easier and get a better night’s sleep.

English Ivy (Hedera helix) might be an ideal choice for you if you want to create an impressive green wall. Feel free to let the leaves dangle loosely from the nagging basket to create a more contained look. These showy indoor hanging plants are best for places in your home where your guests can admire their elegant vines.

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