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Bruxism Treatment Trends

Girl grinding her teeth

Most people probably clench or grind their teeth from time to time, usually during sleeping. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is generally not harmful, but if it occurs on a regular basis, there is big chance of damaging teeth or having other serious health complications like headaches, jaw disorders, etc. One of the most recommended bruxism treatment is using teeth grinding guard, mouth splints, sleep apnea mouthpiece, etc. In most cases, a bruxism treatment is not required. Most kids outgrow bruxism without the need of special bruxism treatment, and many adults do not grind their teeth so bad that they need to use teeth grinding guard. However, if the problem becomes more serious, there are several bruxism treatment options available.


Stress Management – If your grinding problem is caused by stress, you may probably prevent and treat the problem by consulting with a professional. You can prevent teeth grinding by following the advice of your doctor, doing special exercises and meditating. If teeth grinding is caused by tension or fear, talk about your fears before going to bed and try to relax with a warm bath or a favorite book.

Dental Approaches – If your child or you have a bruxism, your doctor may recommend a teeth grinding guard or other advanced dental device to prevent severe teeth damage.

Splints – Splints are made out of hard acrylic and fit on your upper or lower teeth and can be obtained from your dentist.

Mouth Guard – The teeth grinding guard can be bought from a specialized store or you can obtain one from your dentist. The advantages of a teeth grinding guard are that it is more affordable than splints and is also softer. However, over time it may dislodge and can make bruxism more severe.

Behavior Therapy – If you discover that you have bruxism, your doctor may suggest practicing proper jaw and mouth positions. You can try by resting your tongue up with your teeth apart and closed lips. This position will help you not grind or clench your teeth.

Correcting Misaligned Teeth – This can help only if your bruxism is associated with dental problems. Reconstructive treatments can be extensive and will correct the tooth wear.


Generally, all studies have shown that medication is not very effective bruxism treatment. In some cases, a doctor may recommend muscle relaxant before bedtime or some other medication. Some recent studies have shown that OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) injections may help people with severe bruxism.

In case you suffer from bruxism, you can always do a research on the Internet on various treatments and order online sleep apnea mouthpiece, teeth grinding guard, splints and other mouth guards that will help you stop grinding teeth.

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