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Buying Branded Tools: Just a Trend or a Clever Investment?

When looking to equip their professional or DIY workshop with quality tools, many people make the mistake of looking to get cheap deals which costs them more in the long run, because cheap tools oftentimes don’t stand up to the abuse that they’d go through on a daily basis. This isn’t to say that you should only be shopping for “brand” tools and equipment, but if you’re using a tool on a daily basis and for a wide range of applications, sometimes paying the extra buck can go a long way.

Some of my favorite brands include Weidmuller, Duratool, and Knipex. Personally, most of my hand tools are sourced from Weidmuller. Why? Simply because their tools are designed to meet stringent requirements and are covered by a lengthy warranty. Some of the most popular Weidmuller tools you’ll come across online include the following.

 popular Weidmuller tools

Weidmuller Cutting Tools

Weidmuller Cutting Tools

Weidmuller’s cutting tools are specifically designed for professional cutting and stamping to make your job easier. Their cutting tools are ideal for cutting aluminum and copper wires, and they’re designed with convenience and fatigue-free working in mind. You can also easily adjust the gripping distances individually for accurate cutting.

Weidmuller Stripping Tools

Along with the cutting tools, the strippers are arguably the most popular Weidmuller tools. Flexible and easy to use, the Weidmuller stripping tools are ideal for every conductor, and they can be individually adapted to the person using them.

Weidmuller Crimping Tools

Weidmuller Crimping Tools

Some of the most reliable crimping tools for a wide range of contacts including wire end ferrules. They provide high-quality crimp connections and feature a self-adjusting crim die which prevents user error and ensure stable crimping. The mechanisms on the Weidmuller crimping tools are optimized to ensure a minimal strain on the user.

Weidmuller Screwdrivers

Their screwdrivers are designed to fully support the user’s hand in order to ensure convenient and fatigue-free working. They have a range of slim screwdrivers that allow you to work in confined spaces and a range that features 1000V protection. Additionally, the exact adherence to the selected torque of the screwdriver enables high-precision work.

This just highlights how branded tools compare to non-branded tools. It’s in little things that you probably won’t notice or even give a thought that gives Weidmuller tools an edge over something you’d get off of Amazon or eBay. With that said, do your own research before buying tools because tools are a long-term investment that can impact the quality of your work and your efficiency.

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