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Canvas Photos: A Trendy Décor Solution to Personalise Your Space

Giving your interior décor your personal touch is the best strategy to make it your own, regardless of whether you own or rent the home. While there are certainly various ways to achieve this, some examples include adding textiles you find to be stylish and cosy, arranging fun sculptures you bought yourself or have as family heirlooms, changing the lighting or making up a potted garden (even with faux plants), introducing photographs is still one of the easiest solutions.

Cherished memories you have with loved ones are the ideal wall displays that can add warmth, cosiness, and character to your abode. Nowadays, there are many ways you can use them as wall décor, but glossy framed canvas photos are a trendy and long-lasting option for anyone looking for displays of high quality.

Why Choose Canvas Prints?

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A canvas print is a reproduction of a photo printed on canvas. As such, they’re not your regular photos or prints. Nowadays, the printed quality is very high-end, both in terms of the quality of the ink used and the canvas it’s printed on. The combination of these results in a type of display that resists wear and tear, as well as fading from exposure to sunlight.

If you spend a little more on quality, you can get a reproduction that’s a true piece of art and will last you a long time. One other reason to love this way to display your treasured memories is that canvas-printed photos are textured. Unlike regular photos displayed with or without frames, these are photos that have their own depth and detail, which makes for a more authentic reproduction that gives off the effect of a painting.

The beauty of this type of photos is that you can also have them as framed canvas photos or unframed. This makes them easy to hang wherever you choose. Keep in mind there are benefits to both of these options, as the frames have their own role in the décor as well as the additional protection and durability of the prints, whereas the frameless is ideal for the light weight and ease of installation with mounting hardware.

Also, in terms of versatility, let’s not forget that there are various options when it comes to sizes and shapes. Depending on how big you want the prints to be, you can choose from 8×12”, 10×15”, 16×16”, 12×18”, 12×24”, 20×24”, 20×30”, 30×30”, 30×40”, 40×40”, and 40×60” among the main options. The reason these photos are better than regular photos, even in large sizes is the way canvas textures are perfect for hiding imperfections from image degradation.

From the shape variations, you have the standard square and rectangular, but it’s also possible to have some custom-made choices with certain companies, choosing from shapes like panoramic and hexagonal. It may even be possible to get other than these shapes should you require something more specialised.

How to Shop for Canvas Photo Prints?

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Now that you know some of the benefits and varieties of frameless and framed canvas prints, let’s go over the essential aspects when choosing the ideal design. First and foremost, be sure about the photos you’d like to have printed on canvas.

To get the optimal result, choose photos with high resolution to be certain they will look good and enlarged, particularly in colour accuracy and sharpness. A good focal point and balanced composition are simply musts. In terms of size, it’s crucial to consider the space available for prints and how big they ought to be. If it’s a gallery wall, you can choose one panoramic print for a jaw-dropping effect, or several smaller prints varying in shape and size for a subtle gallery wall effect.

This is where we speak of the framed photos on canvas, of course, which is also where you should consider the style, quality, material, and frame depth (whether standard or gallery), considering the aesthetic role this element has on the overall décor. For a cohesive outcome, consider the style of the rest of the décor elements, their material and their finish to mix and match accordingly.

If you opt for the frameless, the benefit is in the placement, which opens up a world of possibilities. Since they don’t come with frames, you can use them just about anywhere you choose, even on a shelf that could do with some charm, a desk in the study that could do with some personalisation, or a bookcase where you like to showcase your gorgeous collection of books as much as favourite memories. You’re also with the flexibility to place them near a sofa, or next to a gorgeous armchair on the floor as a freestanding décor element.

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