Canvas Tarp – a Trendy & Multipurpose Piece of Outdoor Gear

As a nature-loving person, I really enjoy being outside and exploring nature as often as I can. Be that camping, hiking, sitting in the park or just enjoying the view in my garden, being outdoors is my favourite past time activity. But besides owning a backpack and a tent, which are the basic staples of every outdoorsy person, having a quality outdoor canvas tarp is also a must as it makes camping trips a lot more enjoyable. And not just camping trips, but other outdoor activities too. My canvas tarp is multipurpose, and these are some of the different ways I have managed to make use of it.

outdoor canvas tarp

Camping trips

Like I mentioned, an outdoor canvas tarp is a staple for camping trips. Just place it above your tent to protect yourself from winds, rain and the scorching Australian sun and you’ll soon notice its great benefits. I also use a canvas tarp under my tent, to protect it from holes and tears. If the ground is damp or wet, it also serves as an extra layer of protection.

Sitting on the grass

I love parks where you can sit on the grass and, most of all, I love picnics. Using an old blanket is not always the best solution. Sometimes the grass is damp and I need a water-resistant fabric, and sometimes the ground is uneven so a durable material lets me enjoy nature a bit longer.

Sun protection

Time flies when you are having fun, but sitting outside with no sun protection whatsoever is a sure way to get sunburns! Luckily, I have found another use for my canvas tarp, and instead of putting it on the ground, I attach it above my patio. It is a 100% cotton fabric, so it’s breathable and it doesn’t get too hot when I use it for shade. Plus, it made my backyard look really trendy!

Painting the house

Instead of buying a floor cover, I decided to use my old outdoor canvas tarp when painting the house. Why waste money buying single-use plastic covers, when I have a perfectly good canvas which I can reuse? Of course, if you don’t mind having paint stains, it doesn’t have to be an old one. You might end up with a colourful canvas tarp out of the whole ordeal!

A hammock

It might be an unconventional use, but tarps can be the perfect solution when you need a last-minute, DIY hammock. Just insert a rope in the eyelets and enjoy a good book in the shade.

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