Car Industry Trends For 2014


Every year people visit the most popular auto-shows around the world in order to discover the newest car industry trends. Big automakers tend to produce lighter and fuel efficient cars that will attract customers. Before you actually decide to go with a certain model, check the following trends and find the one that suits you best. Whether you plan to buy a new or used car, have in mind that taking your car to a car repair Knoxfield shop for regular inspections is very important for keeping the car in perfect driving condition.

Almost Autonomous Cars – Thanks to the new innovative technology, the almost autonomous cars are becoming one of the leading trends in the car manufacturing industry. Many people see this trend as something revolutionary, something that will change our perception of driving. People who find this idea not attractive, choose other innovative gadgets that the car industry offers, such as: backup cameras, sensors, cruise control, cross traffic alerts, etc. All these things make the driving hassle free, and increase safety on the road. However, as the name implies, these cars are not completely self operated. You still have to control the vehicle on the road. Completely autonomous cars are expected to hit the roads as early as 2020. Still with so many innovative gadgets and accessories, the driving today is safer and easier.

Diesel-Powered Cars – Many well-known car manufacturers offer diesel-powered cars with better performances. For this reason, many people are following this trend and buy diesel cars, especially in Europe. Customers are more interested in diesel-powered cars, due to the better resale price, performances, better driving on longer distances and greater towing capacity. Almost all car manufacturers tend to follow this trend and offer diesel-powered vehicles on the market. However, the diesel engines are quite vulnerable and require costly services, especially for the fuel pumps, injectors, fuel rail and tank when compared to petrol powered cars. To avoid expensive repairs, you need to take your car to a car repair Knoxfield shop for regular engine inspections.

LPG Cars – The LPG cars are quite popular among drivers around the world. Many people decide to purchase LPG car or decide to convert their car from diesel or petrol to LPG. This trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2014. Many auto manufacturers offer LPG vehicles as alternative for the expensive fuel. If your car does not come with a LPG tank, you should find a good car mechanic Knoxfield shop that offers the best LPG conversion services. A good car mechanic Knoxfield shop will do the job properly in just two days. Many drivers decide to follow this trend, and take their cars to affordable car mechanic Knoxfield shops for quick conversion. The LPG cars offer not only financial benefits, but also environmental benefits because they don’t pollute the environment as much as the diesel or petrol powered cars.

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