Carpet Underlay – New Carpeting Trends

When it comes to choosing a flooring solution for your home or office, there is wide range of different flooring products on the market. You can choose from: parquet flooring, laminate, and engineered flooring. No matter what kind of flooring you’ll choose, the most common characteristic of all flooring products is that they require an underlay.

The carpet underlay is a new trend in the carpet industry. The best carpet underlay has many features and offers many benefits. Just like the carpets, the carpet underlay comes in different types and it is made from different materials. In general, the best carpet underlay is made of rubber or foam. Each carpet underlay has its own unique attributes, meaning that you can find the best carpet underlay for your home or commercial facility according to your unique needs. The main benefits of using a carpet underlay are the following ones:

Look for the Best Carpet Underlay

Moisture protection – The use of carpet underlay is always recommended when installing some sort of flooring solution over concrete sub-floor. The best carpet underlay is the one that comes with damp proof membrane (DPM). The DPM is perfect for preventing damages on the flooring which is usually caused by moisture.

Sound reduction – Noise is common issue when many people live in one home. The carpet underlay with sound reduction is perfect for preventing noise. This kind of carpet underlay prevents disturbing the neighbor’s privacy and reducing the level of distraction in the office that comes from another floor.

Thermal isolation – The carpet underlay is a great flooring solution for retaining the room heat. The carpet underlay cannot replace the products which are specially designed for thermal isolation, but it can be very helpful for lowering the heating costs.

Perfect for eliminating uneven sub-floors – If the sub-floor is not even, it can cause problems regardless of the flooring you are using. Luckily, the carpet industry offers solution for this common issue. There are different carpet underlays that are specially designed for this purpose, to eliminate the problem of uneven floors.

Feeling comfort under carpet РIn order to enjoy the benefits of your new and luxury carpet, look for the best carpet underlay on the market. No matter how soft or expensive your new carpet is, it may not feel soft and comfortable when used without carpet underlay.

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