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Coastal Chic: 6 Key Elements for a Hamptons-Inspired Kitchen

Originating from the US East Coast, the Hamptons style has gained significant popularity here in Australia, and it’s not hard to see why. With its soft hues, coastal aesthetics and natural materials, it can bring a beachy vibe to any space, including your kitchen.

A Hamptons kitchen captures the essence of seaside relaxation, perfect for entertaining and everyday living. The style is classy and elegant, yet it exudes rustic and casual vibes, making it versatile for various settings, whether it’s an apartment in the city, a townhouse in the suburbs, or a waterfront house. So, don’t fret if owning a Hamptons beach house is out of reach – you can still capture its coastal allure in your kitchen with these six key elements:

Kitchen Island

In a Hamptons kitchen, the island takes centre stage, serving as a practical workspace and a visual anchor. When selecting an island bench for your Hamptons-inspired space, opt for designs that prioritise timeless elegance and functionality. Look for islands with classic detailing such as shaker-style cabinetry, beadboard panelling, or traditional moulding. Choose natural materials like marble or butcher block for the countertop to enhance the coastal charm. But if you’re worried about preserving the marble countertops, consider selecting engineered stone instead.


white coastal bar stools in the Hamptons-inspired kitchen
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Seating is a critical aspect to consider when designing your Hamptons-inspired kitchen, especially when it comes to the island. Bar stools offer functionality and style, making them essential for creating a cohesive and inviting space. Fortunately, you can find a coastal bar stool to complement your decor, each offering its unique beachy aesthetic.

When selecting bar stools for your island, consider the style and comfort they offer. Backless stools provide a minimalist look and are perfect for creating an open and airy atmosphere. Alternatively, crossed-back stools offer a more supportive feel, providing additional comfort. You should also look for options with padded seats, especially if you anticipate spending extended periods at the kitchen island.

Height is another crucial factor to consider when choosing coastal kitchen stools. Ensure the height of the stools is appropriate for your kitchen island or bar counter to provide comfortable seating. You’ll want to leave enough legroom and ensure the stools are proportional to the counter.

Colour plays a significant role in tying the seating to the overall palette of your kitchen. Popular options for Hampton-style bar stools include shades of blue, oak, and navy, which complement the seaside ambience of the Hamptons style. Choose a coastal bar stool in a colour that harmonises with your existing decor to create a cohesive and visually pleasing aesthetic.

For example, if your cabinets or island feature a crisp white finish, opt for bar stools in a coastal blue hue to add a refreshing pop of colour. If your kitchen showcases warm wood tones, consider bar stools in a complementary oak shade to enhance the natural beauty of the space.

In addition to colour, consider the material of the bar stools. Linen seats offer a classic and elegant look, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. On the other hand, rattan materials provide a more relaxed and casual vibe. Rattan seating is durable and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for families with young children.


Cabinetry plays an important role in a Hamptons kitchen, blending elegance with coastal charm. Consider installing shaker-style cabinets with clean lines and recessed panels, exuding that laid-back sophistication you’d find in a seaside retreat. Also, make sure you opt for light hues like crisp whites to enhance the airy feel of the space, infusing it with a coastal vibe. Don’t forget about hardware—think ornate, solid metal pieces that add that final touch of class. These little details can turn your kitchen into a Hamptons haven, where every day feels like a beach holiday!

Light Colour Palette

A light colour palette is key for creating that open seaside charm in your kitchen. Opt for soft, airy hues like crisp whites, soothing creams, and gentle greys for the walls to evoke a sense of openness and tranquillity. For the backsplash, consider classic choices such as subway tiles in white or light blue tones, reminiscent of ocean waves. To enhance the beachy vibe, keep the flooring light and natural with options like whitewashed wood, light-toned vinyl flooring or light-coloured stone tiles.

Statement Lighting

coastal kitchen with pendant lights
source: oneflare.com.au

Another crucial feature of a Hamptons kitchen is statement lighting, serving as a functional necessity and a stylish focal point. A popular option is pendant lights, which add a touch of elegance and can be customised to suit your aesthetic. Bigger is better when it comes to choosing pendants, so make sure to select oversized fixtures with intricate detailing to make a bold statement above the kitchen island or dining area.

You can also opt for lantern-style chandeliers for a more rustic feel or select modern fixtures for a contemporary twist on the classic Hamptons style. When positioning lighting, ensure it complements the overall layout and provides adequate illumination for food preparation and dining.

Finishing Touches

Don’t overlook the importance of adding those final touches to your Hamptons kitchen decor. Enhance the space with handmade ceramics in serene shades of green and potted herbs or plants like orchids, bringing a fresh and natural feel into your space. Create an atmosphere of abundance by filling bowls with an assortment of fruits such as pomegranates, apples, or cherries.

Also, consider elevating the luxury factor by swapping old cotton tea towels with fine linen alternatives. You can even incorporate vintage fishing gear or a surfboard to complete the coastal theme, ensuring a beachy and inviting kitchen environment.

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