Cowboy Boots: How to Rock This Fall’s Biggest Trend

Hello, cowboys and cowgirls. I have some great news for you! Cowboy boots are back in style for this fall. As evident in runway shows by Calvin Klein, Fendi and Isabel Marant, the historic utilitarian boot will definitely rule both the countryside and the streets this season. So, if you have the guts to try some cowboy boots, here’s how to make sure they fit you right and look hella good.

First, Find the Right Design

First of all, whatever you do – don’t go full Mosby. No matter how bold and extravagant you think your sense of style is, loud cowboy boots are the biggest mistake you can make. So, my biggest tip when you head out to buy Western boots is to look for classic designs in a neutral colour, and preferably with little-to-no details. Since the Western style is daring enough on its own, going for subtle designs allows you to easily pair them with a variety of outfits. For instance, you can try the famous Australian cowboy boots R.M. Williams which come in a variety of classic designs, many of which can even complement a business-casual outfit. The Ariat Heritage line for men and women is another elegant and versatile choice.

Think about Heel and Toe Shape

When you scan stores to buy Western boots, you’ll notice that they feature different toe shapes and heels. When it comes to toes, make sure that they aren’t too tight for your feet. People with wider feet should avoid boots with narrow toes. But if you really want to wear super pointed boots, opt for a larger size that can accommodate your feet. As for the heels, the more distinct the heel, the fiercer the overall cowboy vibe will be. And don’t worry, cowboy boots with heels are totally cool to wear as a man. In fact, it looks better when the boots have a distinct heel. On the other hand, a flat heel simply does not go well with a pointed toe.

Pair them with the Right Pieces

And finally, looking great in cowboy boots is all about how you combine them with your wardrobe. With that being said, the best way to rock cowboy boots is to pair them with jeans. In regards to colour and fit, you’d want to stick to darker and close-fitted jeans rather than light blue, straight jeans. If you’re a guy, the boot should go underneath the jeans if you don’t want to look as though you just came back from a rodeo. On the other hand, women can wear Western boots both under and over their jeans. Women are also free to combine cowboy boots with a denim skirt or even a casual sundress.

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