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Cpap Pillows – The New Trend In Treating OSA

Treating OSA

Feel uncomfortable with your CPAP or BiPAP respiratory device during the night? Now, you can enjoy peaceful nights thanks to the CPAP pillows. Coping with obstructive sleep apnea is now easy with the CPAP pillows. The CPAP pillows are specifically designed to allow patients to sleep comfortably in all sleeping positions. You will find the CPAP pillows quite useful, especially if you are a stomach or a side sleeper. Sleep apnea patients have nothing to worry about anymore, as the CPAP pillows are designed to match perfectly the full face CPAP mask. The new CPAP pillow trend provides many benefits for those who suffer from sleep apnea problems.

Less Leakage – The CPAP pillows allow comfortable sleeping during the night and prevent air leaks. The unique design of the CPAP pillows provide perfect fit for your full face CPAP mask. The CPAP pillows not only reduce air leaks, but also keep you from waking up several times during the night. With fewer leaks, you will be sleeping better during the night, thus will get more effective results from your CPAP treatment.

Better Comfort – CPAP pillows provide better support for your head and for the full face CPAP mask. You can switch sides freely without pulling off the mask or hitting your face. The CPAP pillows are designed to keep the neck and shoulders in the right position. What makes the CPAP pillows so special, is the fact that they are specifically shaped to provide better comfort. They even have special ear and forehead area to keep your head in the proper position.

No More Dry Eyes – Some people experience dry eyes during the CPAP treatment for the first time. This is because the air leakage from the mask goes directly into the eyes. The CPAP pillows eliminate this problem, since they match the full face CPAP mask quite well. Instead of wearing extra protection for your eyes, you can simply use CPAP pillows to avoid dry eyes.

Better Sleep – If you want to eliminate any issues related to your full face CPAP mask, rely on the CPAP pillows. Many sleep apnea patients find the CPAP pillows an effective solution for their problems. Quality sleep during the night is very important for staying fresh and full of energy the next day. CPAP pillows are specifically designed to ease your problems with the full face CPAP mask, and in combination with the full face mask, they contribute towards better sleep.

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