Cricket Bags with Wheels: More Than Just a Trend in the Bat and Ball World

The popularity of cricket is constantly growing from Australia, UK, India and Pakistan to other parts of the world. Cricket is a technical sport and almost every piece of cricket equipment has a lot of technical details. But the game can prove to be a dangerous affair if the right precautions are not taken by the players.

Cricket is a game of bat and ball, played between two teams of eleven players each. As in many sports, the players are subjected to wear protective gear to prevent getting injured on the field. That’s why it’s very important to choose carefully your cricket equipment, but investing in the best gear only pays off if you take proper care of it.

That being said, you need to make sure that your bats, balls, knee pads, shoes, gloves and helmets are adequately transported and stored during cricket matches and training sessions. Cricket bags with wheels, also called wheelies, are the most common choice for keeping your cricket gear for longer.

Why Choose Cricket Wheelie Bags?


Most cricket players keep up with the newest trends in cricket shoes, bats and protective gear, but cricket bags are more than just a trend in the bat and ball world. They are practical additions that help players carry their cricket gear conveniently.

They are easy to transport and take the pressure off your shoulders as they come with a pull handle for additional practicality. The wheels add stability to the bag and make carrying your cricket kit around much easier. You can choose from a wide range of cricket bags with wheels and select one that will meet your needs. This type of cricket bag provides a lot of space for your cricket equipment and most of the bags have a stand-up design and stylish look.

Tips on How to Choose Your Cricket Wheelie Bag


These days, there are many different types of cricket bags available and choosing one can be a challenging task. Practicality is an important factor to consider when choosing your cricket bag, however, your need to pay attention to a few other things if you want to make the right choice. Cricket wheelie bags boast multiple pockets and have a large opening that allows you to move your stuff around with ease.

You can choose a cricket wheelie bag with a split top design or U-shaped aperture and to help you narrow down your choices, here are some of the most important features to look for.


Typically, cricket wheelie bags consist of a middle section and side compartments. They are designed with the idea of easy arrangement, so the side compartments have a cool zone pocket to keep your drinks cold, pocket for your valuables and you can also play some small equipment there, such as balls, extra t-shirts or else. The middle compartment has a helmet pocket, waterproof shoe tunnel, and other compartments for bats, gloves, sidearms and more. Make sure that the cricket bag you choose has dividers to keep some items of your equipment separate from others.


The lower part of the cricket bag is waterproof and protects your equipment from getting wet.


All cricket bags have a carry strap to help you raise the load off the ground. To ensure ultimate comfort, look for a strap that has enough padding in the lifting part. It will make things easier for you when your cricket bag becomes heavy and requires some extra effort.

To choose the right cricket bag for you, take an estimate about the amount of equipment you need to carry. This will help you get an idea about the space requirements and features you need the most. Choosing the right bag size is very important and can make a big difference in carrying around your cricket equipment.

Large Cricket Wheelie

Cricket captains should consider a large bag as they need more storage space as they are carrying balls, scorebooks, coaching aids, spare kits and more. A large cricket wheelie bag is a great choice when travelling on a cricket tour as it allows you to organise your cricket kit and your everyday clothes in one bag for the most convenience. Some cricket bags feature a large main bag, clothing bag and toiletries bag.

Medium or Small Wheelie

If you are buying your first cricket bag, then a medium or small one may be a good choice for you. These cricket wheelie bags are designed to hold the equipment needed for your training sessions. Also, they are a great choice if you are a senior cricketer who wants to save some space around the changing room or at home. A small cricket bag is an excellent solution for a junior cricket player who is starting now.

Materials Used in Cricket Bags

Usually, the outer cover of the bag is made with synthetic fibre, such as nylon. To ensure higher durability, manufacturers use a thin layer of PVC, which is a waterproof and long-lasting material, and apply it over the nylon. The internal cushioning is made with the use of high-density form and a synthetic material mixed with plastic is used for making the wheels. These are all high-quality materials that offer the ultimate protection for your cricket equipment.

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