Customize and Keep Your Jeep Wrangler in Shape with These Trendy Accessories

There are a lot of modifications and vehicle upgrades on the market that will either enhance looks, improve performance or provide an extra layer of security. If you want your 4×4 to have all these three types of improvements then you’ll need to purchase a lot of aftermarket parts. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case with your Jeep Wrangler as there are certain accessories that can enhance its look and boost its performance while adding one extra layer of security. Lucky you!

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Diff Breather

Your vehicle already has a differential breather but it is just a simple vent and there’s nothing wrong about it as long as you stay away from deep water levels. Off-roading with their 4×4 is one of the most exciting times for adventurers and everyone could benefit from a few Jeep Wrangler accessories to help their ride enter beast mode. The diff breather is actually more of a modification than an upgrade since you are just going to close off the vent in order to prevent water from coming in and allow the breather to get air from a higher point.


A snorkel has the same job as a diff breather except it is mounted in a different place. Air intake is important for your Wrangler hence why the front side of it is reserved for a vent that feeds the engine. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit more extreme from time to time, just make sure you don’t do that without a snorkel. A snorkel is simple in design and it is mounted right on the engine’s air intake so it can keep water from entering while letting in cooler air than usual.

Rock Sliders

You may already have this accessory installed, but in case you don’t – here’s a quick explanation of what it actually does. There aren’t any moving parts or anything like that, just a simple bar structure that keeps the side of your vehicle away from direct contact with rocks. This is one of the simplest looking Jeep Wrangler accessories yet it does wonders for your vehicle. When you need to make a tight turn there’s no time for mistakes and with a rock slider, you can just lean against that rock and turn around like a pro.

jeep wrangler

Bonnet Protector

Obviously, a bonnet protector (guard), keeps the bonnet safe from stone chips but it also keeps the windshield smudge-free as it prevents bugs and flies from flying into it. Depending on the style, they can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Most of today’s off-the-shelf bonnet protectors are made so they are aerodynamically friendly, which reduces the pressure from the wind blowing directly on the windshield thus making your vehicle use less fuel. This isn’t a very big difference but it is enough to lower your fuel consumption to a reasonable level.

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