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Electric Battery Saw: The Most Convenient Power Tool

Before the mass use of electricity, hand tools were all workers had, but soon after the invention of power tools, things changed for the better. Whilst the first power saws where big and required two people to operate one, this was still better than using a hand saw. 

Electric Battery Saw

Power tools in general are a more convenient option since they allow you to do so much more without putting so much effort into it. Not only are power tools more convenient but they’re also more effective and help you get the job done way quicker. 

There’s no argument that power tools are better but there’s one more thing to keep in mind and that’s the future, and the future of power saws is cordless. Cordless, unlike corded saws are more versatile since they allow you to work anywhere you want and do not restrict you as much.

Types of Cordless Saws


A circular cordless power saw is used to cut through wood and other materials with high precision and accuracy. Both straight and angular cuts are possible with a circular battery electric saw. When used with different types of blades, a circular saw can cut through metal, plastic, wood and more.

Why Are Cordless Circular Saws Left Handed?

A cordless circular battery electric saw can be both left and right-handed. While left-handed saws provide a better cut line visibility, right handed ones are safer to use since you cannot get in contact with the blade.

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This type of cordless power saw is used for demolition. With reciprocating cordless saws you can cut walls, plumbing, doors and more without struggling. Reciprocating saws are the perfect tool when getting rid of plywood sheathing too. 


This small tool allows you to make curved cuts. Jigsaws are used for creative woodworking especially for creating textures and patterns. You can make straight cuts too both when cutting wood and metal as long as you’re using the right type of blade.


Miter cordless power saws are sued to make angled and cross cuts. They are ideal for the constructionist of picture and window frames crown molding and more. Miter saws are used to make joints all kinds of trims whilst being a regular item used for flooring and small woodworking projects too.


This type of cordless saw is regarded as being the most efficient but also the most dangerous tool for woodworking. Table saws allow you to create different types of wooden furniture but you have to be extremely careful when doing so. Taking serious precautions when building cabinets, racks, shelves and other types of decorative furniture is a must.

How Do You Use a Power Saw Safely?

Making a Cut

1. You need to first set the blade so that it’s sitting anywhere from 5 to 10 mm below the material you’re about to cut. When the saw is correctly set tighten the adjustment know and you’re god to go.

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2. Place the wood plank or any other material you’re trying to cut on a workbench and clamp it on. Make sure there is enough space for the excess material to fall free in order to reduce the risk of kickback or binding.

3. Before cutting the material, measure and mark where you want to cut so you make the most out of it and have something to guide your cut. Look down the right hand side of your saw and align the blade with the markings you made.

4. Start your saw and let it get to max speed. Whilst keeping your eye on the guide line, make your cut by pushing the saw gently against the mark. In case you’ve set up a fence, have the saw’s base plate flush and parallel to the guide. Avoid pushing the saw too much, make sure it is a smooth, continuous motion. If the saw’s speed increases, that means you’re pushing too much.

5. Once you finish cutting the material at hand, the blade guard will retract automatically back into its safety position. Once that happens let the blade stop completely on its own and let it cool down. After that remove the battery from the tool and remove any debris that might end up clogging it and clean the saw as well as the area around it.

Safety Tips

When accuracy is your top priority, do what is known as the kiss test. Line up the saw the best you can and start it, make a slight cut to see where it will cut, Make sure to make the shallowest cut you can to see how the saw will perform.

When you make a mistake, it’s best not to force the blade to get back on track. Instead, it’s best that you let go of the trigger, let it stop spinning and that start cutting again form the markings you made.

When you have your saw aligned with the markings, it’s best that you look slightly ahead of the saw. Your brain will naturally follow the cut and you will end up with a straighter line.

If you’re cutting wet wood its best to set the depth of the cut so that the gap between the teeth is clear of the material you’re cutting. This way you will prevent the saw and cut line form getting clogged with wet saw dust.

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