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Elevate Your Bathroom With the Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

Considering how it’s the first place we go to after getting out of bed, the bathroom can set the tone for your whole day. After all, nothing feels fresher than having your morning shower in a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. But if your bathroom looks outdated and drab, it’s time for a change! And change doesn’t always mean making a very expensive upgrade such as changing the tiles. Often, a brand new tub or replacing the fixtures can be all it takes to bring a breath of fresh air. So, if you want to get ready in a space that’s as stylish as your outfits, you can try getting inspired by some of the latest trends in bathroom design.

Freestanding, Curved Bath Tubs

As of this year, showers are out and bathtubs are in. So, if you’ve got the space to fit one, I totally encourage you to do so. There’s nothing like sinking into a warm, scented and foamy bath at the end of a rough day. There are many designs to choose from, but currently, freestanding tubs are what captivates interior design magazines and Pinterest feeds. As contemporary design incorporates more and more vintage influences, freestanding bathtubs are having a major comeback. But not just any freestanding tubs!

The most popular bath tubs for sale right now are curved, have a clawfoot or another type of softer shape. The rounder edges of freestanding bath tubs soften the angles of the room, thus helping create an atmosphere that’s all about unwinding. Make sure that the bath tub can fit at least one (or preferably two people) for maximum relaxation. And for a truly spa-like feel, there are also bath tubs for sale that incorporate whirlpool jets, heated backrests, scented-mist dispensers.

Brass and Gold Fixtures

Gold and brass fixtures are another vintage feature that’s incredibly popular right now. These shades are taking over showerheads, sinks, toilets, vanities, mirrors and anything in the bathroom this year. Forget the boring and cold chrome faucets, these warm and luxurious-looking fixtures will bring your bathroom on a whole new level. Available in a wide range of finishes from satin to mate and spun gold, brass fixtures can be the perfect accent elements in your bathroom.

Statement Mirrors

While you can stick to a simple wall-to-wall mirror, what would give more interest to the bathroom is an unconventional mirror. This can be a mirror with an unusual shape, an intricately carved wooden frame, or a regular mirror surrounded by LED strip lighting for instant drama. Just by going bold with your mirror choice, you can make a big statement without spending a lot of money.

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