Experienced Campers Set the Trends: What to Bring with You

As someone who had to wait for a really long time to book a spot on my favourite campsite this summer, I was honestly really surprised at how trendy camping has become. A few years ago I could book my favourite spot a few days prior to the trip, now I have to do it weeks in advance. Researches show that about 85% of all Australians have camped at least once in their life, and that same percentage of Australians recommend that camping is something every child should experience.

Experienced Campers

So even though camping trips are not the easiest and cheapest experiences to plan and execute, they’re a thrill everyone needs to experience. It takes a lot of beforehand planning, and the right equipment to make the experience a complete one. A lot of people resort to RVS, but there are also those who prefer the good old-fashioned tents. If you decide to stick with the tent, then you need some extra equipment like sleeping bags, a stove/oven and a camper 3 way fridge.

Sleeping bags need not be explained when it comes to tent camping. They’re essential for protecting you from the cold, providing cushioning and separating you from sleeping on uneven surface. There are many types of sleeping bags and these are divided depending on the seasons they’re meant to be used in, which means you can easily find a suitable one for you online.

Besides sleeping bags, which I think every camper brings anyway, I highly recommend that every camper brings a camper 3 way fridge with him. Why is the fridge so important? Because you’ll be storing all your foods and drinks in it to keep them cool and in an eatable condition. You don’t want your meat to go bad, or your drinks to get warm on a hot day. And the reason I recommend the 3 way type of fridge is because they can use three types of power – gas, mains and 12V. Furthermore, they have a large storage capacity and can store all your food and drinks for a couple of days.

The camping stove will give you a real home-like feel – a hot coffee in the morning and hot goulash in the evening. The right stove will improve your camping experience significantly. There are multiple types of stoves depending on the fuel they run on. The general rule is, the lighter the stove – the pricier. The three key things to consider when buying one are its efficiency, average boil time and weight.

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