Fashion Trends By Zodiac Sign

If you have ever wondered what influences your style, you’ll be surprised to know that in addition to personal taste, your zodiac sign has a major influence on your everyday style. Read on to find out what style suits you best and how to dress according to the zodiac!

Fashion Trends By Zodiac Sign


Aries-born like to wear comfortable and casual clothing. In their closet, you will find all kinds of tracksuits and sneakers. They can also look attractive in high waist pants, high heels and simple, stylish shirts. Given that women born under this sign love to be in the center of the attention, their favorite color is red. They also like jewelry and fashion accessories.


Taureans like pastel colors and love wearing flowy, comfortable clothing. Women born under this sign like floral prints, while men are perfectionists. Taurus women love wearing clothing made of organic materials and like to complement their look with necklace. They also have an emotional attachment to old clothing. Taureans will always opt for elegance, sometimes with a small dose of conservatism. Colors that suit best to this zodiac sign are dark brown and light blue.


Geminis are known for changing their style often. They are obsessed with sunglasses, wrist watches and handbags, even men. Geminis love comfort, so they usually dress casually. They prefer gray, black and white colors.


Given their frequent change of mood, they dress up in accordance with it. Women born under this sign enjoy in the comfort of their home, so their favorite piece of clothing are pajamas. Cancerians also have an emotional attachment to clothing, so they are able to wear their favorite piece for a long time. They like wearing white and blue colors, and they often wear belts, jewelry, precious and semi precious stones.


Leos always want to be the center of attention. They like fur, gold, precious stones and designer, high-quality and expensive clothes. Their hair is their trademark and always looks perfect, in both men and women. Leo women love glamorous, leather clothing and animal prints. Their favorite colors are gold, red and black.


Virgos are very modest and they always want to look neat and clean. They do not like to spend money on expensive and designer clothing. The wear decent clothing, in accordance with their age and job. You can never see them without a scarf, since it is their favorite accessory. The colors that best suit the Virgos are white, grey and green.


Libras are real fashion experts. They are always stylish, they can match colors effectively and they are excellent advisors to others when it comes to style. They usually wear flowing fabrics and pastel colors. They also like all shades of blue, light pink and gray.


Scorpios like to look attractive and sexy. They always manage to attract the attention of others with their look. The colors that are dominant in their closet are black, and dark shades of red and blue. The price of the clothing is not important for them, as long as they look good in it. Boots and high heels are the greatest weakness of women born under this sign.


Sagittarians usually wear sportswear, casual and loose fitting clothing. People born under this sign have unusual style, which does not always look pretty for the others. They have a passion for sunglasses and leather jackets, which can be ofte seen in their closet. They like dark red, dark blue, dark yellow and brown colors.


Capricorns have a remarkable aversion to synthetic clothing and always want to have the best and most beautiful clothes in their wardrobe. What makes them different from the other zodiac signs, is that they almost never wear jewelry. Capricorn feel great in suits and elegant combinations. They often have only a few pieces of clothing, but prefer brown, black and white.


Aquarians love modern, trendy clothing and they often represent an inspiration for others. What matters to them is what to wear, not what others will think about it. They should wear blue, gray, white, flowing fabrics and unusual designs.


Pisceans love colorful clothing with floral, cheerful designs. Pisceans love expensive and designer clothing. They want to wear clothes in which they will look and feel good. They will rarely buy casual and sports wear. In their closet you will see the largest number of pairs of shoes. They like purple and turquoise colors, and their favorite fashion accessories are necklaces and rings.

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