Fashion Trends: Spice Up Your Look with Silver Earrings

As much as women have different fashion tastes, most of us agree on one thing: the best way to spice up an outfit is with a nice piece of jewellery. When it comes to pulling off every look, from a casual walk in the park to a glamorous red carpet event, you can’t go wrong with this one particular piece of jewellery – a nice pair of silver earrings.

These kinds of earrings are a great choice to accessorize an outfit because they can frame your face beautifully and complement every skin complexion and every hair colour. Even though silver is a timeless choice for earrings, a lot of women make the mistake of choosing the wrong pair. So, next time you want to upgrade an outfit with some lovely silver sparks on your ears, there’re some things you should have in mind.

Silver Earrings

The Occasion Is Everything

Even though silver can match every outfit in your wardrobe, when talking about earrings, the range of choices is infinite, and the shapes, sizes and decorative features are definitely not universal. So, selecting the pair that’s appropriate for different occasions can be a difficult thing to do too, since not all of us have an eye for style. If you’re part of that group of ladies, you should know that for most occasions, you can’t go wrong with elegant and simple silver earrings that aren’t overly covered in gemstones, pearls or other decorations. After all, less is more.

However, you should also know that some styles of earrings can perfectly complement a particular look. For instance, wearing a nice pair of large silver hoops with your most casual jeans and a black turtleneck will give your outfit a trendy note and avoid looking dull and basic. On the other hand, wearing a pair of small and discrete silver adornments on your ears with your most basic workshirt can be a great way to add a sophisticated touch to your office outfit. But combining the same plain pair with your little black dress or your most exclusive gown will definitely make your overall look seem poor and sloppy.

Talking about formal occasions, make sure you skip the plain designs and don’t be afraid to enrich your already sophisticated look with some elegant stones. Every basic white formal dress can look royal combined with earrings enriched with topaz or amethyst-coloured stones. On the other hand, your gorgeous red gown won’t have any glamorous effect without a pair of complementing ruby or emerald stones hanging on your ears.

The key to “wrapping up” the perfect combo is to optimise for the occasion. Silver earrings are versatile, but the “dose” of glam can make or break your outfit, so make sure you choose wisely.

Silver Earrings

Consider Whether the Colour of Your Outfit Goes Well With Silver

As much as earrings made of silver complement every hair colour and complexion, the colour of the outfit you’re wearing is one of the factors that matter. So, before you hit your favourite jewellery store or decide to order silver earrings online, consider that silver goes the best hand by hand with darker shades. If your wardrobe consists of lighter hues, silver can blend into the background and not be able to make a statement.

The colour that creates a contrast and best emphasizes the beauty of the silver is black, without a doubt. But that doesn’t mean that by wearing silver on your ears you’re limited to the darkest colour in the world. Sophisticated shades, such as indigo, burgundy and emerald green shades are a great background for your silver ear ornaments to stand out and create a rich effect.

Some of the colours you shouldn’t pair silver with are pastels, such as yellows, baby pinks and sky blues. These shades will “steal” the silver’s spotlight, giving you a dull, plain look.

When it comes to patterns, silver jewellery and earrings are best combined with simple and minimal designs. Busy patterns, combined with different rough textures will make you look cluttered with a lot of details, and ruin the glamorous look of your new silver statement earrings.

Silver Earrings

Pick the Right Type

When talking about different sizes and shapes of earrings to complement your look, they usually fall into two categories.

Stud Earrings

A pair of silver studs is a classic accessory that will never get out of fashion. The stud earrings are usually discrete pieces of jewellery, which can be successfully pulled off with almost every outfit. Make sure you wrap up a lovely hair bun, or a low ponytail to emphasize the beauty of your silver studs and get a romantic, gentle look.

Dangle Earrings

The dangle earrings are longer than the stud earrings and have the ability to transform every outfit into something sexy. If your intention is showing some boldness and that “you’ve got nothing to hide”, you can pull up your hair in a high ponytail, or tuck it behind your ears, and let the nice pair of silver dangles steal the show. These kinds of earings are usually best suited for more special occasions when you want to glam things up.

A tip for the ladies with long and thin faces: Make sure you avoid longer dangle earrings since they tend to emphasize the thinness and make your face look even longer. Go for a pair of stud earrings or shorter hoop earrings that will widen your face and make it look fuller.

Women Wearing Dangly Silver Earrings

Pair Them with the Right Make-Up

Picking the right shades of make-up can either accentuate your earrings beautifully or throw them in the dark, so make sure you pair them wisely.

Luckily, the silver colour is considered to be a neutral tone, and the range of colours to be combined with silver is huge. If your goal is to point out the sparkle of your earrings, make sure you add some glitter to your eyes or apply some glossy lipstick in a nude shade. The “sparkle” will draw attention to your face, making your sparkly earrings noticed by everyone. Complementary lipstick colours work too. So, if you want to show off your new silver studs on your ears, apply some red lipstick that will create a contrast on your face and draw attention to the different details.

On the other hand, earrings that are decorated with timeless diamonds or other stones are attention stealers on their own, so make sure you additionally accent them with lipstick in a similar shade. Pick a red lipstick if you’re wearing ruby stones, or dark lilac if amethyst is your choice. The “plainness” of the silver will additionally emphasise the beauty of the stone.

Silver Earrings

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Things Up

If wearing a pair of plain silver hoops with a basic black shirt seems like a pretty dull combo, you can enrich your outfit with some more jewellery.

Layer More Silver Jewelry

This doesn’t mean you can just throw on any necklace and bracelet and be all set to go. You can try the newest trend of layering jewellery by wearing a couple of silver necklaces in different lengths along your neckline. The same trend can be applied to bracelets and rings too, as a great way to create a dynamic and eye-catchy look that will turn every basic piece of outfit into something extra. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. Like we said before, the key is to optimise.

Match Them With Gold Pieces

If the biggest style sin in the past was to mix silver and gold, in the 21st century you’re free to break this rule. Mixing silver and gold pieces of jewellery can open up a brand new horizon of endless opportunities. The only thing you need to do is to experiment to see what looks best.

If you feel sceptical about wearing mixed pieces of jewellery, but still want to spice up your outfit by including gold, the magic formula for you is a pair of earrings that are made of mixed metals. You can always buy silver earrings with gold details that will break the monotony of your look and make you feel stylish without putting in much effort.

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