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Fine Wining: The Benefits of Drinking Chardonnay

Wine is considered one of the most sophisticated drinks out there. Often found on the tables of the rich and famous as well as people like you and me, it’s a drink that offers a lot more than just a lovely little buzz.
Whether white, red, pink, black or otherwise, wine has a lot of interesting health benefits when consumed within normal ranges. We all already know that a glass of red wine a day is highly recommended by doctors to regulate blood flow, take care of the heart, avoid headaches, and so on, but what about us white wine lovers?

Is there something in white wine that has similar benefits for us? Many people have issues with red wine and find it gives them stomach troubles, as it is a bit heavier than white wine, so they feel like this one glass a day rule can’t apply to them.
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Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s not true! White wine does have amazing health benefits, just like red does, and they extend much further than just regulating blood flow! Wines like chardonnay, for example, are some of those white wines that will give you a fun time and take care of you in one fell swoop.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the benefits of drinking chardonnay white wine!

It’s Great for the Skin

Yep, it’s true!

The grapes used to make chardonnay are very rich in antioxidants, something that helps our system fight aging very efficiently. You’ve seen all those skincare and beauty products that promote their antioxidant features, but did you know that a glass of quality made chardonnay white wine can do the same for you?

Of course, this benefit can only be had if the wine you’re drinking is well-made and sourced from quality grapes, so make sure to pay attention to what kind you’re buying. Not all wines are made the same!

I’d like to stress, once again, that responsible drinking, drinking that’s within normal measure is the only one that will offer these benefits to you, as well. Too much of a good thing is never actually good, so having too many chardonnay wines will not only give you a headache and a hangover but can also cause issues within your system.

Instead of the antioxidants protecting you, they may actually turn against you, protecting cells that are harmful and increase oxidation within the system itself, the very thing you’re trying to fight with the antioxidants themselves.

It’s Good for the Heart

Here we are, the moment we’ve been waiting for!

It is true that a glass of wine a day may help strengthen and protect your heart from diseases and this also applies to chardonnay as well! Finally, it’s not just red wine, it’s white wine, too!

The very same antioxidants that help fight the signs of aging are also fighting against heart disease and certain cancers and protect your system from free radicals, the very things that can be the cause for such diseases and issues.

Free radicals are molecules regularly found in our bodies. They are a byproduct of digestion, or when our bodies break down food, and they can also be released when we’re exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation.

You may not be a smoker, but we all need food and we’re all subjected to certain levels of radiation throughout our lives, some of us more than others (depending on the job you have), so it’s very smart to try and fight off these molecules and protect your body from within.

If you haven’t seen what oxidation does to certain metals, you should, as a very similar thing can happen within your body and on your skin, and that’s something nobody wants to have around.

It’s Anti-Inflammatory

Finally, we have the anti-inflammatory quality.

Since our bodies are semi-open systems they take things from the outside environment and they also give some things back. It’s sort of like a trade deal between our system and the outside world.

When this happens, we have little control as to what exactly enters our system at any given time through the air, for example, so inflammations can happen within or outside, on the surface of the body, often.

To make sure your body is equipped with everything it needs to fight off inflammations you need to eat healthily, exercise, take your daily dose of vitamins, drink enough water, but a glass of chardonnay wine will also give its contribution and offer a helping hand to your system.
glass for chardonnay wine and food pairing

Once again, this will only happen if you consume the wine within normal limits, so don’t overdo it, or that “too much of a good thing” thing is going to become your reality!

To Sum Up

By drinking chardonnay you’re not only giving your body a nice little dose of antioxidants and help with inflammations, but you’re also giving your mind a healthy break from all the stress of everyday life.

Staying calm and having a self-care routine in place can be as important as taking vitamins and exercising, so next time you’re feeling stressed, remember these chardonnay benefits, get your fancy wine glasses out, and treat yourself to a tasty beverage that has so much to offer!

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