Xylitol: The No-Added-Sugar Trend to Embrace

xylitol sugar

The number of people who are trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle has been on the rise these past few years. Many of them decide to start with a slow tempo and cut back on the amount of sugar … Continued

Sweet Fever Time – Brought By Moscato Wine

Wine trends, just as is the case with fashion, come and go. For example, after the few memorable scenes in the movie Sideways, where the main character refuses to drink Merlot and explains why he is so into Pinot Noir, … Continued

Nutrition Trends: The Secret Behind Superfoods

There is no denying that superfoods are a trending topic all over the world at the moment; they are mentioned in nearly every blog, every supermarket, and nearly everywhere we look. So what’s so great about them anyway? Well, there … Continued