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Forklift Trends: Key Features In The Evolution To “Smart” Forklifts

‘Smart’ is just another term people use to describe the latest technology innovations. Today, we use smart phones, drive smart cars, operate smart machines. Smart is the new trend these days. The modern “smart” technology has made our lives much easier and better.

We can see that the manufacturers are using this new technology when designing and producing various industrial machines. One of the latest innovation on the market for material handling machines, is the introduction of the smart forklift truck. This new material handling machine comes with many innovative features that allow the operators to complete a variety of warehousing tasks quickly and efficiently. The following text will highlight the key features of the new smart forklifts.


More Powerful Forklifts – The customers are partly responsible for the forklift truck evolution. Forklift manufacturers knew how important is to satisfy the customer needs, and therefore decided to move one step further. The large forklift manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Toyota, Crown, Hyster, CAT and many others, followed this new trend and did their best to improve their products. They managed to create new and more powerful forklifts that can lift and move materials quickly, easily and with less effort.

Vehicle Mounted Terminals –Many forklift truck manufacturers changed the vehicle mounted terminals. Thanks to the advanced vehicle mounted terminal technology, operators are now capable to use specific data when complex tasks need to be completed. This VMT device is directly connected with the previously mentioned system to deliver all the necessary information. This device collects data regarding the number of forklift trucks, previously scheduled shifts, necessary repairs and maintenance schedules. Thanks to this innovative technology, the operators can organize their time and work in the warehouse much better than before.

Data Coordinator – What makes the forklifts smart is the data coordinator which includes software program and primary data collection tool. This smart-forklift coordinator helps operators to make important decisions based on the data which has been previously collected. The data coordinator is actually the workhorse of the forklift. It provides information regarding the forklift truck operation. For safety reasons, operators need to send this information to several departments.

Vehicle management Systems – The forklift truck manufacturers include a new vehicle management system to help operators monitor their inventory easily, and to manage their assets. Vehicle management is important for warehouse productivity and safety. With these new systems, it is much easier for the operators to locate a certain load or item in the warehouse.

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