FXD Clothing: The Importance of Specialised Work Clothes

Finding the perfect work clothes, especially when you’re in a trade that requires a more durable, strong outfit can sometimes be hard. Your workload isn’t light, so neither should your clothes.

By wearing inappropriate work clothes you expose yourself to risks and injuries, as well as utmost uncomfortableness, which will definitely take a toll on your performance and overall work experience.

Having this in mind, we’ve searched far and wide through the lands of work clothing and have found the holy trinity that makes an outfit perfect for outdoor work. We’ve also found a brand that seems to understand this and incorporates it into their attire.

Let us explain what we’re talking about.

FXD Clothes

FXD Clothes – The Brand That Gets the Needs of Workers

The math is quite simple. Function by design. Performance and style. Comfort and durability. Once you add them all, you get an ultimate piece of work clothing that’s as stylish as it is functional.

FXD understand what the gist of work clothing is. They also make sure you can easily get it. You can find a range of FXD clothes at most workwear and country wear stores at some pretty attractive prices too. The brand has built quite a name for itself in the community by exceeding industry standards at every turn.

Here’s what we think makes FXD workwear so impressive.

Quality Clothing That Can Resist All Kinds of Wear and Tear

Starting out as a streetwear brand, FXD already knew a thing or two about how important quality is. Making purpose-built, technical apparel perfect for the wear and tear of board sports since day one, they understood that quality material is the only way to a durable piece of clothing that will withstand the tests of the extreme.

Since then, they’ve expanded their range and dipped their toes in the workwear industry. Right now they’re in quite deep!

Having work clothes made out of quality materials guarantee comfort. Having that quality material manufactured into a quality garment guarantees durability. FXD made sure they have this covered by paying attention to what workers need, where items get most worn out, what designs work best, and so on.

FXD Clothes for Workers

For starters, they always choose materials that will provide the best performance. For example, they’re known to use twill fabric. For those of you unfamiliar with twill, it’s a weaved fabric that’s proven to be tear-resistant, comfortable, soft, and quite pleasant to wear. Sounds perfect for a heavy-duty work attire item, doesn’t it?

Next up, it’s the design. Material by itself is nothing if it’s not stitched up the way it should be. FXD provides triple stitching, which is one of the strongest stitching patterns out there. This makes sure their garments are strong enough to take whatever you might throw at them.

Functionality Above All

We spoke about how paying attention to places that endure the most wear-and-tear is important when manufacturing work clothing. By keeping this in mind, you can really produce an item that won’t rip for a long time.

FDX is all about functionality, so naturally, they reinforce items when needed in order to provide the ultimate work clothing experience. Alongside the top-notch material choice that doesn’t let you sweat bullets and offers 50+ UVA and UVB protection and the reinforced knee and elbow padding on items that need it, they offer stress-point bartacks, which really come in handy on places that have pockets, buttons, splits, and so on.

This, paired with the triple stitching makes for one sturdy item that lets you move about freely without worrying about rips and tears in places you don’t want them to.

They’ve also made it a point to add loads of pockets and quality zippers to make sure you have enough storing space and everything stays put. Their design also assures you can forget about pants slipping down or shirts lifting up.

FXD Clothes

No Compromise on Style Either

Technical, specialised work clothes aren’t exactly stylish. When your primary goal is to make a garment that will withstand the hardships of the workday, flow properly, and will keep the one wearing protected oftentimes there isn’t much space left for style.

Still, FXD makes style a priority as well. With this, they make sure you don’t have to trade in quality and functionality for style. In fact, they package all three into a neat shirt, a great pair of pants, or sturdy work boots.

Their range is great and covers everything you might need on a workday. In terms of pants, depending on what your job is and how much time you spend outside, you can choose between shorts or long pants, work trousers with tapered knees, lightweight, stretchy pants, and so on. They all come in nice, single colours and complement the other items in their work clothing line.

When talking about shirts, they have sweatshirts and short or long-sleeved shirts to help you keep as covered or uncovered as you’d like. Furthermore, their boots are proven to be amazing as they’re anatomic, slip-resistant, lightweight, have impact protection and reinforced toes, they are breathable and so much more. They even have a line of socks to pair the boots with!

They offer styles for both men and women, so everybody can work safely and comfortably!

FXD Boots

To Conclude

If you’re searching for a sturdy, long-lasting, comfortable piece of work clothing, make sure to check FXD out! We’re sure you will find the very thing you’re looking for and you’ll be quite satisfied with its performance!

We hope this article will come in handy when looking at other brands, too, as the trinity of quality – functionality – style is really quite important, and not just for work clothing but everyday items, too!

Always remember to shop from trusted vendors and to choose things you know you’ll feel pleasant in!

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