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Garden Tool Shed: More Than Just Basic Storage

Tool sheds aren’t something new and surprising to find in Australia and if you are thinking about getting one, know that they can be a truly valuable addition to your outdoor space. Not only can they give you more space for storage, but they can also boost your garden’s aesthetic appeal and design all while providing you with extra space for working, practising your hobbies, relaxation, etc.

Why Would You Need a Garden Tool Shed?

Of course, their main purpose is to provide you with storage space, so they can be your garden tool shed, they can store your bicycles or give you more storage space for any items you want to protect from the elements and declutter your home. However, storing isn’t the only reason you might find a shed useful. With some imagination and planning, garden sheds can be transformed and they can be given any purpose you may want.

With all the possibilities they offer, anyone who has a yard could benefit from a sturdy tool store shed and take advantage of its usefulness. And, because sheds come pre-manufactured, you can have one installed in your yard easily and hastily. Tool sheds vary not only in size but also in the materials used for building them. In Australia, garden sheds have to be tested and are required to meet certain requirements because of the harsh weather conditions and very high ultraviolet index levels.

Some of the most popular choices for sheds in Australia are collarbone – a steel cladding, strong and durable material that can resist many harsh conditions, zincalume – made of a combination of zinc, aluminium and silicon, able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and steel ­– again, strong and able to meet the requirements for our weather conditions.

What Can Garden Tool Sheds Be Used For?

The most common reason why people buy garden tool sheds is to store everything they might need for their garden in them. Things like gardening equipment, bins, cleaning items, tools, bicycles, outside toys for your kids, or for your pets… can all be neatly stored and organized in these units.

However, if you don’t need the extra storage room, or you get a large enough shed, you can assign a different purpose to it, or even divide it and make it a multipurpose shed. Furthermore, prefabricated garden sheds can be personalised, which can make it easier for you to organise it so it meets your needs. For instance, you can add windows or skylights to get more energy, you can choose the floor etc.

One of the most popular uses assigned to garden tool sheds, that isn’t storage is, turning them into a workshop for any hobby you might have. If you are crafty, you could build a workbench and shelves, or you can buy them, and organise your workspace. Garden sheds can even be used as some unexpected things such as playhouses, pet houses, outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas or part of them, or even home offices.

Regardless of the size or even the purpose you’ve given your tool store shed when you’re installing your garden shed, it’s also prudent to installing proper electricity. The main reason for this is because having lights inside will significantly affect its usefulness. This will make it easier to find things, or in case you use it as a workshop to work. Furthermore, it will give you the opportunity to use tools, or any electrical appliance you might need.

How Can You Dress Up Your Garden Tool Shed?

If you decide to add a shed in your yard, of course, you’ll decide on its organisation according to your needs. Nevertheless, keeping it as organised and tidy as possible can be key to how useful it will be to you. You could add things like shelves, bins, hooks, hangers etc., to make it easier for you to keep it neat.

Furthermore, you need to think about the outside appearance of the shed, especially if you like hanging out in your yard with family and friends – so that it doesn’t look too out of place. Unless if you’re going to keep it somewhere secluded, you may want to dress it up a little, to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, even pre-fabricated sheds can become a nice addition to your house with some DIY magic and some imagination.

For instance, if you don’t think the original colour of the tool shed goes well with the surroundings, you can paint it in a colour that you think will complement your house or your outdoor decorations or furniture. You could play with it and make it fun; you could give it some style; you could make it seem more elegant; you could make it look as simple as possible… Furthermore, you can decorate it, and improve the look of the structure by planting plants around it, adding decorative elements around it, installing a shelf on the outside and placing potted flowers, placing a nice bench, or outdoor chairs in front of it, creating a small path towards it with flowers or stones…

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