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Growing Strong Together: Gardening is the Latest Trend in Child Rearing

When I was a kid, my mum used to yell at me and literally chase me in the yard just to make me go back inside the house. However, in the world of today, things are quite the opposite – parents find themselves doing miracles to get their children off the computers and all the gadgets that seem to be ruining their childhood, and get them to play outside.

Although it may not seem so at first, probably one of the best ways to get your kids engaged in some outdoor activity and get them off the screen, is gardening. Although many of you may think that gardening is not that appealing to kids, think twice – it is done out in the fresh air and it involves some quality bonding time with your little ones. What else is there to ask for? It certainly is worth the try. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should team up with your kids and introduce them to gardening.

Kid Gardening

First of all, the health benefits of gardening are endless. It offers the much needed contact with microorganisms in the soil, which is crucial for the development of a strong immune system able to fight off allergies and asthma. Plus, it is done outdoors under the sunshine, so they will certainly get the much needed vitamin D for bone growth. Gardening is great for keeping children fit too. Find the right gardening equipment and let the fun begin. Activities like digging in the dirt or carrying a watering can are great forms of exercise and can help release excess energy in hyperactive children.

By handling the gardening equipment, children will also develop their basic motor skills. However, make sure they’re handling only the parts of the equipment that are safe for them, such as plastic shovels for instance. Compliment them every time they manage to use a tool properly, but if they struggle with something – don’t criticize them – let them figure it out on their own or help them.

Besides having positive effects on their physical development, gardening is also great for developing children’s cognitive side too. They are naturally curious beings and they will ask you a lot of questions like: Why do plants need water? What will happen if they don’t get any sun? Why is the soil so important? By wondering about these complex biological processes, children could develop an increased interest in science. This is also a great opportunity for them to learn the cause and effect relationship. Explain to them that if they don’t water the plants regularly, they will start to wither. By watering the plants daily, your children will learn the basic principles of responsibility.

Moreover, gardening helps children learn a lot of social skills as well. Tending a garden has been scientifically proven to help develop empathy. Therefore, caring for plants increases their care for people too. And not to mention how spending time together in the garden as a family could help you develop a stronger bond.

What started out as a simple trick to get them outside of the house can evolve into a healthy and educational habit. When they grow older, your children will thank you for the precious memories they have of you and them caring for the garden together. Happy gardening!

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