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Gullwing Canopy Toolbox: A Tough and Practical Solution

If you’re in the tradesman industry, whether mechanic, electrician, carpenter or other, you know how hard it is to organise all your tools. You do your best to categorise them and put them in one place, but they still get everywhere, resulting in a mess. One solution that can help reduce the mess in the bed of your truck is a roof rack, but there’s one more solution to this problem that is better and optimised, but isn’t talked about nearly enough – toolboxes. As its name implies, it’s a box specifically made to organise, carry and protect your tools.

With that in mind, there are numerous types of toolboxes, and all of them have distinct features and characteristics. Most of them can fit easily on your ute tray, hence why they’re called ute toolboxes. Depending on your needs, you’ll need to get a different type of ute toolbox. But, there is one type that is exceptional in how it fits your tray and its technical characteristics – gullwing canopy toolboxes. This type is also known as a cross deck ute toolbox due to how you position it.

Features and Benefits

picture of aluminum gullwing canopy toolbox in storage among other aluminum boxes

First and foremost, ute vehicles are already super practical. The ute tray is versatile and spacious, so you can use it any way you can. But several features make gullwing canopy toolboxes a much more pragmatic and safer way to store your valuable tools.

Material Used in the Construction

The most important thing to focus on when choosing a toolbox is the material. It’s the decisive factor for the quality of the box and if you’re looking for guaranteed quality, you should look for an aluminium ute toolbox. Despite the low price of plastic and the heavy-duty durability of steel, aluminium is still the best choice, simply because it has all the qualities you need – it’s lightweight, durable, and cost-efficient.

As such, it’s easy to carry and move, especially with all the heavy equipment inside. It can withstand the pressure of rough-terrain drives, and you won’t need to replace it or repair it for many years. Cost-wise, it’s cheaper than steel, and as previously mentioned, you won’t need to replace it or repair it regularly like you would a plastic one.

Easy and Convenient to Use

The main feature that sets the gullwing tool box apart from the other types of tool boxes is that it’s easy to use. This is a result of the fact that the toolbox has doors on both sides that you can access at any time. Therefore, instead of having to walk around to the door, you have a door on both sides. That being said, if you hate looking for your tools that are buried on the other side or the bottom, this feature allows you to open either side and get exactly what you need in an instant.

Productivity, Security, and Much More

picture of an ute with a gullwing canopy toolbox on a parking lot beside a warehouse

Lastly, there are many benefits to getting a toolbox, especially one as multifaceted as the gullwing canopy toolbox. First, it allows for increased productivity and better organisation. You can get the tool you need quickly, as it’s all organised and in its spot. This, in turn, leads to better productivity as you can finish the job sooner. As a result, you leave a better impression on your client. Plus, if you want to impress your clients that you have everything needed for the job, a toolbox can be that extra aesthetic factor.

Further, it ensures that all your tools are safe and sound, and it does this in two ways. First, you can be sure that you’ll never forget a tool again. As loading becomes a part of your daily routine, you’ll be able to scan and see if anything’s missing. Second, it protects your tools from rain, sun, and any other natural element. Consequently, they’ll never rust or face moisture. Or if you’re worried about anyone potentially stealing them, they’ll realise that it’s a fool’s errand as everything is safely locked inside. Having said that, you can lock any toolbox with a lock for extra security.

What Makes the Gullwing Distinct?

picture of an ute with gullwing canopy  toolbox

There are other types of toolboxes, but gullwing toolboxes have some distinct features that make them more advantageous, even when you compare them to other ute toolboxes. So what exactly sets them apart?


The crucial difference is that they’re mounted. If you’re on the move and you need to transport lots of tools, this is where this feature plays a huge part. For instance, there are portable toolboxes, which are basically small boxes with many compartments so that you can fit in anything. However, they’re small, so they’re only useful for small tools, and they’re typically made of plastic. On the other hand, the gullwing box has plenty of space for large tools. Furthermore, unlike other mounted toolboxes, they don’t need to be screwed on or fixed. Gullwing ones can fit your ute tray, and you can push them to the end of your tray. Accordingly, you won’t have to worry about the doors and if they’re blocked at any time as they open upwards.

Other Ute Toolboxes

Of course, there are other types of mounted ute toolboxes, like the drawer, high side and low profile which you can compare to the gullwing. For example, the drawer comes with multiple options. You can get a drawer toolbox with one, two or even three drawers. And even though they are compact and ideal for smaller tools or equipment, they won’t cut it for larger ones. While both are comparable in length, the drawers are always shorter and less wide. As such, the gullwing has better dimensions. There are high side and low profile toolboxes as well, and they come closer to the dimensions of the gullwing cross deck. However, they falter in one aspect – their width is smaller, so they only have one door. As a result, they’re much harder to reach and finding the tool you need can take more time.


If you want to get more out of your ute toolbox, you can always customise it with many great additions. If you’re worried about extra security, you can get both a toolbox alarm and a lock. The toolbox alarm comes with a wireless magnetic sensor, which will go off with a sound of over 100dB. As previously mentioned, the lock is also a great addition as it’s the simplest and cheapest way to deter robbers.

On the other hand, if you want to save space and have the entirety of your ute tray open, you can opt for canopy legs. They’re easy to install (all it takes are a few screws) and they’re pretty safe. You can rest assured that whatever you put underneath the canopy legs will be safe and sound.

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