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Having Your Own Workshop Is the New Trend

Immersing oneself in DIY projects means tasting the sweet fruit of unique creation. However, in order to be able to release the full potential, an avid DIY-er must be able to spare some space, much time and a great portion of the mind. The hip way to do it is to turn the garage into a stand alone workshop. However, this conversion requires mindful preparation prior to being able to use that space in new and unique ways. For that purpose, below we’ll go over some of the most important steps for those of you eager to follow this trend.

Workshop Equipment


The most important investment regarding any stand alone workshop are the tools. These are the essential workshop equipment for your tool collection: table saw, compound miter saw, band saw, drill press, vise anvil, grinder, torch wrench and a belt sander. Once you have bought the cardinal workshop equipment, you need to make sure it’s well protected. This can be achieved with a lockable and high-quality tool chest, preferably one of those that feature a soft cushion for the tools to rest in. I recommend buying an unused tool chest, since used ones could already have some dirt and rust that might corrode your tools.


No great things can be created in the dark. The word task is what defines a DIY project, so it is rather natural that no garage conversion to workshop could go without mindfully set up task lighting. Being able to focus on details can mean the difference between a mess and success, therefore, overhead lights aren’t enough and can even cast much-unwanted shadow towards your direction. Regarding task lightning, a simple adjustable work lamp can provide the sufficient amount of focused light you need.


Insulation is not a garage’s best friend nor is discomfort beneficial to the quality of your creative process. In the light of this fact, you must be able to make that extra step and get an AC unit and a heavy duty multipurpose fan, ideal for small to medium sized ventilation needs.


Flooring with extra grips, such as epoxy, beats concrete garage floors anytime. This way, you’ll make sure you don’t end up bringing dust and dirt into your home. The next step you ought to take is to ensure you have enough power outlets and that the extension cords aren’t preventing you from freely moving around. For this purpose, you might need to bring an electrician for some professional advice and help.

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