Manuka Honey Is The Latest Must-Try Health And Fitness Trend

The healing effects of honey are known since ancient times, but it wasn’t until late 19th century that scientists discovered the antibacterial qualities of this natural product. Today, in spite of all modern medications, honey, specifically Manuka honey, remains one … Continued

Ladies Handbags – 2015 Styles And Trends To Watch

Ladies handbags are considered woman’s best friends, since they keep all their ‘secrets’ and essentials. A handbag does not only fit all your essentials, but is in fact an important accessory that completes your look, regardless of the outfit and … Continued

Here’s What’s Trendy In Cosmetic Tattooing

Not satisfied with the form of your eyes, brows and lips? Tired of applying eyeliner and filling your brows with pencil? Don’t despair. Cosmetic tattooing is the right solution for you. Thanks to this tattooing treatment, you don’t need to … Continued

Beauty Trends for Your Zodiac Sign

Horoscope Signs

Aries women love the dramatic look, while Taurus women pay a lot of attention to lip care. Cancerians are great makeup artists, while Virgos love the natural look. Each zodiac sign has their own preferences when it comes to hair … Continued