Men’s Oxfords Shoes: Keeping Up with Fashion Trends

If we are going by the book, Oxford shoes are a formal footwear with closed lacing. In plain English, this means that the shoelace eyelets are placed under the vamp. Although traditionally Oxfords were the standard formal shoes for anyone … Continued

Dancewear Trends: The Different Types of Leotards

It’s safe to say that dancing has been following the development of mankind throughout history, growing with it side by side. The need to express ourselves has always been around, and in times when language wasn’t developed yet, dancing was … Continued

The Best OTC Cold and Flu Medications

Since our health is our biggest wealth, we do everything in our power to protect it. We welcome a lot of well- being trends, from sticking to a balanced diet and proper hydration to regular exercise and quality night sleep. … Continued

Beyond Trends: Diamonds Are Forever

You’ve probably heard the cliches about diamonds: they are forever; they speak louder than words and they are a girl’s best friend. They are all true! And this not only holds true for grateful solitaire pendants or diamond-covered cocktail earrings, … Continued

Skincare Trends: Men Need Moisturizer Too

So, you’ve upgraded from only using soap-and-water to establishing a small skincare routine that involves using a cleanser that makes your skin feel smoother and glowing. Baby steps, we get it. Now, it’s time to pick a moisturizer that will give … Continued