Holden Colorado Accessories: Outfitting Your Ute for the Ultimate Road Trip

Holden might no longer exist, but there are still thousands of cars carrying the iconic lion logo. Later models, like the Colorado RG, are reliable, versatile, well-equipped even in the basic trims and you can now find low-mileage second-hand cars at discount prices. These can do the rounds when camping and off-roading, or when hauling gear to and from the workplace. With the money saved, owners are well-served with a slew of both OEM and aftermarket accessories, and these are still inexpensive and easy to find.

Most Colorado owners will be looking for increased protection, more space, and in older cars a few tech and interior additions. Avid campers and adventurers should also consider things like suspension and towing necessities, the wide range of camping basics, and recovery gear if things get sticky. Here’s a basic selection of Holden Colorado reliable aftermarket accessories to improve on an already decent ute:

Protecting Your Ute

Bull bar on white Holden Colorado

Anyone mulling the Big Lap in a Colorado should be prepared for all the surprises along the way. This means protecting your car from road spray in unsealed roads, strewn boulders and fallen branches, and the countless encounters you’ll have with Australian wildlife. These are things that can render even the best ute or 4WD useless, unless fitted with basic front and side protection. Bull bars are a reasonable choice here, as they protect the ute from head-on collisions and shield vital engine parts. Most owners go for the strength of weather-treated steel bars and in a triple-hoop design, already fitted with winch cradles and provisions for accessories like driving lights and CB antennas. Bars are also the base for underbody bash plates as well as side brush bars to protect the car from multiple sides.

While you do have to get rid of the front bumper, and ensure the bar fits the chassis rails with the provided mounting hardware, you also get better approach angles for technical terrain, the option of fitting bespoke off-road tyres, and ways to attach recovery gear. This is basic stuff no ute leaving for the bush should go without. All aftermarket bars sold in Australia are thoroughly tested and ADR approved, so no worries with front or rear cameras and air-bag activation.

Need More Space? Get a Roof Rack

Roof rack on blue Holden Colorado

Unless you’re towing a camper or caravan at the back or have a custom-built canopy, space in the ute and tub will always be limited. The easy solution is the array of aftermarket roof racks, ranging in designs and sizes. Platform racks are a decent choice for hauling longer and bulkier gear and equipment. such as sporting goods or building materials, and can be fitted to both single and dual-cab Colorados. These also double as bases for roof-top tents. Cages are more convenient for smaller items, like jerry cans and gas bottles, and have mesh floors with multiple crossbars for tying things down. The raised sides can additionally be used for awnings and mozzie screens. Lastly, look to tradesmen racks that have bars only along the length of the rack so as to fit building materials and equipment like planks and ladders.

Racks with a high loading capacity, several tie-down points, and features like locking when carrying expensive gear are basic Holden Colorado aftermarket accessories to get the most out of the ute. Have in mind that ute roofs can take roughly up to 100 kilos (rack included) so be reasonable when loading your stuff. There are different installation options, but most newer Colorados rely on crossbars, while others take lower-sitting rain gutter mounts or clamping systems.

Cabin and Interior Goodies

Newer cars have all the safety and infotainment already on board, even in the basic trim. This includes touchscreens with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, basics like cruise control and air-conditioning and goodies like Hill Start Assist and auto wipers and lights. You do have to step up to higher trims for practicality and a bit more comfort, with navigation and more supportive seats. What’s missing are aftermarket seat covers to keep the inside of the Colorado spick and span, as these keep stains, water and dirt from spoiling the fabric or leather. They also hold their own against the sun, so they won’t fade. More upmarket covers can add a bit more comfort to the basic seats in the LS car, with more padding and a non-slip texture surface, as well as more style regardless of the trim.

The ute’s interior also makes use of matching floor mats. These besides keeping the floor clean, prevent heat from seeping into the cabin and water and liquids from ruining the carpet underlay.

Camping Extras

Solar panel and camping extras on SUV in beach

While you will have sleeping, eating and sitting items, as well as basic gear like ovens and fridges, all waiting to be packed for that long camping or outdoor trip, some things are just overlooked. If you rely on solar to charge secondary batteries, the Colorado has space under the bonnet for a dual battery tray, so you can have both starter and secondary batteries neatly arranged. This not only saves space in the tub, but keeps the battery secure and away from the elements. And being closer to the starter means less time lost if this ever needs to be jump-started.

The same stores selling these items will also have the full array of solar gear, from batteries, panels and different types of chargers, to more complex gear like inverters and charge controllers. Basic kits with a couple of panels, a charge controller and a single battery will provide enough off-grid power for a few days in the bush. This will be more than adequate to run things like smaller fridges and ovens, provided the weather’s fine.

Summing Up

Anything you need for your Colorado can be bought aftermarket. All items are of good quality, tested to meet Australian standards and conditions and are reasonably priced. Go with local products if you also care about workmanship and warranties. Preparing for longer road trips does mean consideration into everything that can or will go wrong, but the items above should cover most bases. All that remains is to enjoy the journey.

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