Hop on the Trend of Going to the Beach with a Tent

Tents have been a part of civilization since ever and the first versions were usually made with wooden poles and canvas. To make it waterproof, people used animal fats and oils which over the years were replaced by a special waterproofing spray. Nowadays, tents have evolved a lot, which means that you can invest in a tent of any kind and size. Except for the traditional hiking and camping tents, nowadays people can choose from the specially designed tents for the beach.

beach tents

Also known as domes, beach tents are ideal for a day in the sun when at the beach or they can also be used in one’s backyard. They are easy to open and close and lightweight, which makes them an ideal option for the beach when you want to take a break from tanning. Well, these characteristics surely justify the manufacturers’ claims, which state that tents for the beach are fun and hassle-free way to stay out of the sun.

The two trendiest types of beach tents are the pop-up dome and the beach shade shelter.

Pop-up Dome

As the name implies, these beach tents can be opened by just releasing them which makes them one of the most commonly used types of tent. Although easy to pop up, the closing procedure is a bit more complicated as it requires more steps. For better understanding, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or even better, watch a YouTube video in order to master it at home.

Note: When the weather is windy, make sure to set up some ropes and fill the tent’s pouches with sand to prevent your shade from flying away.

tents for beach

Beach Shade Shelter

This is considered one of the newest styles in beach tents and it’s slowly, but surely becoming more and more popular. The most interesting thing about them is that although the frame is built into the tent, they can still be set up in no time. The only thing that needs to be done (when opening it) is to fold out the frame so the locking knuckles can set in place. Thanks to this incredible mechanism, beach shade shelters are considered the steadiest and most stable version of beach tents, which makes them ideal for use in windy conditions. The main “downside”, if we can say it that way, is that they are pricier when compared to the other version, but in the long run, it is an investment that pays off.

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