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Hot New Kitchen Trends – Part 2

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Hot New Kitchen Trends – Part 2

Another innovative trend in kitchen appliances is mini bar fridge. The mini bar fridge is quite convenient, does not require large space and can be easily relocated from one room to another in the house. Having an additional storage space for bottled soft or alcoholic beverages, various food or snacks, is one major benefit of a mini bar fridge. You can install it in the kitchen, dinning room, basement, under the bar and even on the patio. In fact, mini bar fridge is perfect for defrosting frozen meat when you’re barbequing with family and friends.

Also popular are built-in wine coolers. How wine is stored can affect its aroma, taste and flavor. That is why modern kitchens and wine lovers are adopting the trend of having a built-in wine cooler. Keeping wines at ideal temperature, which is 11ºC, will enhance texture and flavor. The built-in cooler is a perfect solution as it helps in the aging process and highlights wine bouquet. But, built-in coolers are not perfect for wines only. You can also cool other alcoholic beverages such as beer and strong liquor. A built-in wine cooler with crystal clear doors, wooden features and amazing lighting display, will give an attractive look to your kitchen. This innovative trend is here to stay.

Restaurant Inspired Designs – With so many cooking shows, restaurant-inspired kitchens are a big hit at the moment. Part of many TV reality shows, the appliances such as double oven ranges are becoming one of most desirable elements. Unlike single oven, double ovenrange will make your kitchen more functional as it allows cooking more meals at the same time. Double ovenrange is perfect for big families or when entertaining. With a double ovenrange you can cook lasagna and apple pie at the same time and cut your time in the kitchen in half. Now, how great is that!

These were just few of the most popular kitchens trends at the moment. Keep in mind that trends come and go, and what it’s important is to make your kitchen comfortable and functional. Make it a place where you will not only cook delicious family meals, but will spend magical and beautiful moments with your family and friends.

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