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How to Create a Trendy and Comfortable Look for Your Crew

When on the topic of uniforms, trendy isn’t usually a word we’d use to describe them. What can be so trendy in a bunch of people wearing the same unflattering clothes, day after day? But can we blame uniforms for their lack of taste? After all, they usually aren’t designed with style in mind – their primary purpose is to protect the workers from a variety of things ranging from industrial to cooking oil.

However, we always dress to impress, and this should also apply to uniforms. Whether you’re considering your local tailor or better yet searching online work clothes are available in a number of styles that can complement any type of business and any setting. If you’d like to create a trendy and comfortable look for your crew, here are a few things to pay attention to.Online Work Clothes

A Colour-Coordinated Palette

Of course, when it comes to uniforms you can’t be much creative with their general design. There’s always the usual work clothes etiquette: aprons, waistcoats, skirts, work shirts. What this means is that the colour is going to play a great role in establishing your staff’s style. These days, you can browse online work clothes and come across uniforms that are as vibrant as a kid’s box of crayons, or completely neutral. Not sure what colour to go with? Let your logo be your primary inspiration, and this way you will also reinforce your established brand. But also make sure that there is a high contrast between logo and uniform colour, as to make your brand more noticeable. Finally, the uniforms should always fit in with the surroundings, and a colour that matches your business’ interior will help create a tasteful unity.

Variety is Always Welcomed

The seasons are changing, and with them trends change as well. Switching between summer and winter attire, will not only make sure your crew is dressed according to the temperature, but will also introduce some change. For instance, you can use special holiday uniforms which will lure in the customers looking for a bit of Christmas spirit. For autumn and winter, a neutral palette of earthy tones will capture the mood of the season. And then come spring, spice it up with some brighter colours. If you’re a fast food restaurant or a local cafe with a vibrant theme – go bold with red, orange or yellow. But if you’re a more sophisticated and professional place, shades of white or light grey will be ideal for the warmer weather.

Don’t Forget, Comfort is King

No matter how well-dressed your front of the house staff looks, if they aren’t comfortable in their uniforms, it’s more likely that they’ll be grumpy and show a bad attitude towards the customers. And a customer that feels he’s been treated badly is not much likely to come visit you again. Working in constricting, unbreathable clothes on hot and dry days we so often experience in Australia, will make your staff less productive. But work clothes made out of soft, light materials such as cotton, will ensure your people feel comfortable even on busy days.

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