How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit and Wear It With Confidence: 5 Common Swimsuit Problems Solved

The closest we get to being naked in public is when we’re wearing a bathing suit. That may be the number one reason why finding the right one is so annoyingly hard, especially for women. While the only thing men have to consider when choosing a swimsuit is their waistband, women must choose swimwear adapted to their breasts, hips and bellies.

Making a wrong swimwear choice can kill our confidence and ruin our beach days. On top of that, finding a functional swimsuit flattering to our silhouette is no easy task. That said, different models of bathing suits will flatter different body shapes.

How Do You Choose a Swimsuit For Your Body Shape?

Knowing what silhouette will work for you is the key to finding a flattering bathing suit. What looks good on one body shape might not work on another. That’s why we often buy a swimsuit without really liking it, only to leave it unworn at the bottom of our closets.

Big Busts

Big Busts

A swimsuit search can be a nightmare for anyone, regardless of your body type. But for gals with large busts, it can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you’re dealing with this problem, you know the struggle: from preventing boob bounce and unwanted nip slips to back pain and discomfort, there are many things for you to worry about.
But even though finding a swimsuit that’s the perfect balance between style and comfort without the granny bra vibes is hard, it’s not impossible. Thankfully, some brands are stepping up their swimwear design game and coming up with new, innovative pieces to offer big-busted gals stylish options with features to provide ample support. Just like that, shopping for top-quality swimwear for big busts became a lot easier.

What type of swimsuit is best for a large bust? The most important thing is to protect your breasts and Cooper’s ligaments. If you got yourself a sports bra for large breasts, give your boobs the same respect when you swim. The more support a swimsuit offers, the better it’ll fit and the more comfortable you’ll look and feel.

So, look for models with hidden underwire, convertible straps, clever seaming and subtle padding. Thanks to these features, you can tap into all the latest swimwear trends, even triangle cups and cut-out bikini tops.

Most large-chested girls have a love-hate relationship with underwire, but you should give it a try, as any swimwear style having an underwire will lift and support a large bust.

Another key factor in swimwear for big busts is the strap: choose a model with wide and adjustable straps to get a proper lift, security, and the ability to customise your fit. Swimwear tops with adjustable closures will help keep your breasts locked into place.

Remember: no swimsuit style is off-limits, regardless of your bra size, as long as it provides the proper support and makes you feel confident in your skin. So, make sure you choose a swimsuit with everything you need for the ultimate elegance and body confidence.

Extra Belly

Whether you’re pregnant, a mum with a postpartum pouch or just a girl that doesn’t feel comfortable exposing her belly, we see you. Since it’s like a magnet to fat, the stomach is one of the most problematic areas in women’s bodies. How can you choose a swimsuit in which you’ll feel comfortable?

One-piece bathing suits are the go-to options for many women who want to hide their tummy. Yet, many women find them boring after some time or three or four swimsuit seasons later. Choosing a sculpting swimsuit with strategically placed ruffles and nets can make your bust seem bigger, taking away attention from your less flattering areas.

Another thing to look for is ruching: it’s flattering on all body types but is especially good for hiding a tummy bulge. Ruching helps streamline your silhouette, giving it an appearance of a slimmer waist and torso. Bold prints such as zig-zag, dark shades and high-waist bikinis are other neat solutions. Style them with a trendy kaftan and you’re good to go.

Broad Shoulders

Broad Shoulders Bikini

If you have a chest and shoulders that are wider than the rest of your body, you have a body type known as the inverted triangle. Although it can make for an attractive figure, broad shoulders can suck the confidence out of you. The goal when choosing swimwear that’ll flatter your body is to bring balance to your body.

Avoid styles like strapless bandeaus and non-adjustable thin straps. Instead, look for bikini tops with thicker straps, as they can help to balance out your wide shoulders, making them look less broad.

Try drawing attention to the rest of your body with certain neckline styles, strategically using patterns and swimwear cuts. Swimmdresses, high-neck tankinis and asymmetrical tops are all flattering options.

Short Legs

Our society may not see the long torso and short legs body type as the most feminine; however, a few clever visual tricks can bring balance and flatter your body shape.

Choose a swimsuit that will bring attention to your waist and give the illusion of a shorter torso. Colour block swimsuits, wrap-around swimsuits, high-waisted bikinis, or cut-out one-pieces that define the waist are all good ways to achieve this.

Also, the more legs you show, the longer they will appear. French cut and high-waisted bikini bottoms expose more of your thigh, making them another great solution. Asymmetric swimsuits can help avoid the boxy shape that solid-coloured options create, making them one of the basic fashion trends for every summer.

No Waist

Bikini for no waist

If you have a torso with no particular waistline, you can make an illusion of having a slimmer waist by choosing a monokini.

A monokini is a mix between a bikini and a bathing suit, with a strip of fabric connecting the middle of the bikini top and bottom. Most monokinis have a concave strip, which is crucial for tricking the eye into thinking that the waist is curved. In other words, a monokini will help you look curvier.

Final Thoughts

Going to the beach or the pool is a great way to relax and have a great time. Losing such a fun opportunity to spend your day well because you dread showing in a swimsuit isn’t right. Finding the perfect swimwear option for you by choosing a comfortable bathing suit that will make you feel confident in your skin is the solution for having a hot beach bod. So, choose smart and feel awesome.

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