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How to Get a Trendy Alfresco Area

Don’t you just love spending time in the outdoors? Especially now that our lives have become rather hectic because of the amount of errands we have to do in a day, we barely have the time for bonding with loved ones, let alone enjoy the grand beauty of the outdoors.

This is exactly why your alfresco area gets such an important role; as your stress-free corner, your reenergising place, the source of fresh air and stargazing, it deserves to get a trendy makeover as much as any other space of your home.

Though considered extra, preceded by the importance of furnishing, lighting, and decorations, the floor covering is one of the priorities when it comes to alfresco makeovers, and you can be in trend, and add a touch of luxury, with the help of outdoor paving with porcelain tiles.

Made of raw materials, processed at high temperatures, the outcome is ultra-fine contemporary finished porcelain pavers with exceptional properties, such as low water absorption, to withstand the Australian weather conditions, slip resistance, sealer free, and prove their durability, be it at the pool, around the BBQ, or just about anywhere at your alfresco area.

Once you’ve taken care of beautifying your floors with contemporary outdoor paving, you can personalise them by bringing the warmth, liveliness, and colour of rugs. Rugs can really turn your alfresco into a living room outdoors. Now then, turning to the basics. As far as furnishings go, you have plenty of options to choose from and it all depends on the size of your area.

It also depends on whether you’re after more comfort, or you’d like to use the space for meals outdoors, as well as what you’d like the focal point to be. From comfortable and stylish lounges, benches, and hammocks, to intricate dinner tables and chairs, the choice is yours. And of course, to get a bit of drama, enhance the aesthetics, or emphasise some features you’re really fond of, using the magic of lighting.

The many lighting options, in the form of downlights, floods, pendants, and lanterns, to name a few, can help you play with different lighting techniques and provide your alfresco with style as much as safety, and security. Don’t forget to include walls in the game, by painting one of them, as a focal point, in a different colour, or adding some mosaic, or mural.

As you can see, it’s about adding layers, so if you’re missing some more colours, you can fill up the void with colourful textures in the form of cushions, and table cloths. Since it’s the outdoors, remember to throw in the beauty of a plant here and there, to further surround yourself with nature. Every detail counts!

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