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Ideas for a Trendy and Inspiring Nursery

As a soon-to-be parent, setting up the nursery can be both overwhelming and exciting. The stressful part is deciding what you truly need. Is a bassinet or a crib better? Should you get wardrobe now or wait until the baby’s older? These and similar questions will constantly occupy your mind. But once you’re done gathering all the essential items and furniture to make your baby feel comfortable and offer you a helping hand, here comes the fun part – decorating.

No other room in the house gives you the freedom to fill it with so many accessories that bring whimsy, colour, and joy to the space. In fact, it’s these little details that can help you put together a unique and trendy look for your angel’s nest. Let’s take a look at some cool ideas for baby accessories to help you get started.


Inspiring Artwork

The nursery should be a creatively enriching environment that stimulates attention. For that reason, look for opportunities to incorporate artwork there in as many forms as you can. You can start with the walls – a fun wall mural in soft colours can easily generate interest in the nursery and be a way to establish a theme. Waves, clouds and meadows are all popular choices for nursery murals. If you think a large mural is too much, you can try including smaller prints of animals or other things that will seem interesting to a young child. You can also try adding something sculptural, like for instance beautifully carved wooden letters spelling your baby’s name.

Fun Baby Accessories

However you choose to decorate, try to add as much fun as possible. Even when going for a subtle, minimalistic theme, there should always be some space for baby accessories that are whimsical and cheerful. Add lovely, small items throughout the room, like for instance stuffed animals, decorative toy baskets, comfy and cute bean bags, cushions, a rocking horse, pin-boards in interesting shapes, and other things that will scream this is the room where all the fun happens.

Delightfully Soft Carpets

Babies are little clumsy creatures that tumble and fall all the time, which is why you need to make sure there’s something to soften the impact. The best way to do so is to carpet the whole nursery, or at least the part of the floor dedicated to playing and moving around. Wool carpets are always a good decision for a nursery as they’re incredibly soft and also waterproof and stain-resistant. You can also use rugs to further establish the room’s theme. There are a lot of fun designs for carpets, featuring animals, cartoon characters and other things that your child could find amusing.

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