The Whats and Hows of Hand Planes

Hand Plane

Working with wood can be extremely rewarding. With a little patience and (a lot of) skill, you can shape logs and lumber into just about anything possible. But the right tools at each stage of your project make that a … Continued

Buying Complete Tool Kits: A Trend to Stay?

tool kits

Just like you can’t write code without a keyboard, bake a cake without a pan, and take a photo without a camera, you can’t perform any repairs on a vehicle or complete a DIY task without some essential tools. If … Continued

The Whats and Hows of Masonry Screw Bolts

masonry screw anchors1

Need to attach shelves to your concrete floors, floating stair runners to walls, or lightweight fixtures like mains boxes and wood ornaments? Consider using masonry anchors. There are dozens of masonry anchors out there, and each will be better suited … Continued