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Industrial Wipes: Practical and Hygienic Solution

Whether you run a busy shop or you manufacture products, chances are that your industry is being hit by the Covid19 crisis that swept the whole world. Social distancing, work from home, wearing protective gear such as masks and proper hygiene are the top three prevention tips you hear almost everywhere while health authorities and experts are looking for ways to bring this terrible pandemic to an end.

If the line of your work doesn’t allow you to work from home, protecting yourself, your colleagues or employees is of utmost importance if you want to keep the business running smoothly. Apart from wearing protective gear and maintaining physical distance, hygiene is now more important than ever. Luckily, modern-day living offers a vast array of solutions for almost any problem and in this case, you can easily handle heavy-duty cleaning requirements with industrial cleaning wipes.

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What Are Industrial Cleaning Wipes?

Industrial-strength cleaning wipes are a highly practical and hygienic solution suitable for numerous industries and institutions. They’re usually made from sturdy, nonwoven, lint-free fabrics that have the ability to clean hands, tools, machinery and surfaces from tough substances such as grease, adhesives, paints, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The most popular nonwoven materials made from synthetic fibres are polyester and polypropylene. They are strong, soft and even match the quality of woven textile, and yet they are produced at the same cost as paper. Nonwoven materials such as polypropylene are proven to be superior for heavy-duty cleaning in the automotive industry.

Lint-free fabrics won’t leave any fibres, fluff and lint on the surfaces that are being cleaned. This is especially important when cleaning electronic devices because lint can cause charge to build up and potentially damage the equipment. Lint-free fabrics are also suitable for polishing, dusting and wiping tools.

Industrial cleaning wipes are quite versatile since they come in different pre-cut shapes and sizes. You can also choose between dry and pre-saturated wipes depending on your needs.

Advantages of Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Advantages of Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Industrial wipers, rolls and rugs can have powerful sanitizing and disinfecting properties. Some industrial wipes contain 75% alcohol that’s enough to kill 99.99% of bacteria. Other heavy duty wipes come pre-impregnated with powerful cleaning agents that destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria and prevent new microorganisms to form.

Pre-impregnated or not, these wipes have a rich, 3D texture which means you’ll easily remove dirt from all the awkward nooks and crannies and thoroughly clean even hard to reach spots. Moreover, industrial wipes are highly porous and absorbent which makes them perfect for any industry that requires quick and effective cleaning.

Regular towels are less absorbent than disposable wipes and you’ll almost always need to wipe the area twice to clean smudges. Plus, if you opt for industrial cleaning wipes, you’ll spend less time washing and rinsing cloth and significantly lower the risk of cross-contamination. Reusing cloth can aid the spread of germs all over the place which is the number one thing you want to avoid nowadays.

Wipes usually come in convenient, compact packaging and you can use them for quick, and easy clean-ups several times a day. Furthermore, they have a nice, clean smell that will freshen up your workplace.

Compared with the use of spray bottles and other cleaning liquids, wipes are generally safer for human’s health. They don’t release harmful chemicals into the air as spray bottles do, so you’ll be making your lungs a huge favour. Also, repeatedly spraying liquids on machines and tools can cause damage and malfunction, so wipes are once again the preferred alternative.

Top Picks

If you’re looking for reliable industrial wipes, you should check out Tru Rags. They are a viable alternative to recycled rags and commonly used in the automotive, aviation and construction industry, but to name a few. This premium quality multipurpose wipe is highly absorbent and won’t give up any fluff when used.

If you’re looking for a powerful wipe that will successfully destroy almost 100% of germs, opt for Nano Anti Bacterial Surface Wipes. These are great for benches, shopping trolleys, kitchens, parcels bathrooms and much more. Durable and low-linting fabric combined with a strong alcohol formulation that doesn’t contain bleach, the Nano wipes are multipurpose and suitable for everyday use.


Like every other product, wipes for industrial purposes have their downsides as well. Depending on the type and the brand you choose, wipes can increase the overall monthly costs, especially today when you need to clean and disinfect more frequently.

Second, disposable wipes can cause troubles on the wastewater systems if not disposed of in a waste container. Also, same as plastic waste, wipes can have a negative effect on the environment and cause long-term damage to the marine biome.

Last but not least, sometimes even the best heavy duty wipes aren’t enough. For instance, areas where bodily fluids made contact with equipment, such as the healthcare sector, need to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected and a wipe simply doesn’t cut it.

Disadvantages of cleaning wipes

Additional Things to Consider

When choosing industrial-strength cleaning wipes, make sure you get the right ones for your line of work. For instance, the food industry has strict hygiene requirements that differ from the manufacturing industry and not all cleaning wipes are created equal. Some of them require pre-cleaning, and others don’t have antiviral properties. One-step disinfecting wipes are a better option for industries with stricter hygiene requirements, but still, you shouldn’t rely solely on wipes when cleaning your workplace.

Safety is another thing you should keep in mind. Always read the label carefully and make sure that the wipes are intended for your specific use.

Final Thoughts

With the benefits outweighing the downsides, it’s safe to say that industrial cleaning wipes are an effective, safe and hassle-free way to keep your workplace sparkly clean. Just make sure you get the right wipe for the job and properly dispose of them.

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