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Introducing Pinot Noir – Charming And Sexy Red Wine Trend

Pinot Noir. The finest wine available on the market. The synonym for vitality, love, passion and eternity. The red among the most sophisticated reds ever known. Without any shadow of doubt, this is what the Pinot Noir unconditionally stands for. Known for elegance, velvety texture, fruty, complex and oaky aromas and fascinating bouguet, Pinot Noir is one of the most seductive red wine, if not only.

Although the most difficult grape variety to grow, Pinot Noir red wine is very sensual and extravagant. Wine experts and true wine lovers describe the Pinot Noir red wine as world’s sexiest wine. A bottle of quality Pinot features pure aromas of raspberries and strawberries, making it delicate-structured with complex layered red fruit. If what you look for in wine is purity, charm and gracefulness, Pinot Noir red wine is the right choice for you.

Pinot Noir red wine

Defining Pinot Noir

Being a renowned red wine grape, Pinot Noir is planted in most of world’s wine-growing regions and best vineyards, from northern Italy and western Germany to Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, California and Oregon. Wine experts consider Pinot Noir the patriarch of the noble Pinot family of grape varieties. The rest of family members, also quite popular on the global wine market are: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier and of course, the white-wine counterpart of Pinot Noir, the world’s most popular white wine, Chardonnay.

The origins of Pinot Noir red wine come from Burgundy (also known as ‘Bourgogne’), which is a time-honored, highly respected wine region in France. Burgundy’s vineyards are known for producing world’s most exclusive bottles of wine, although their wine-production capacity is estimated to be four times smaller than the Bordeaux wine region. The truth is, the quality coming from Burgundy wines (including Pinot Noir, of course) is unbeatable when compared to other wine regions.

Pinot Noir grape is used for producing both still and sparkling wines. Although it is mostly used for dry wines with low-yield value, the noble Pinot Noir grape also takes part from the production of Champagne and other sparkling wines that feature greater yield-levels.

Usually, Pinot Noir wine has light or medium body with specific wood-like flavour. And when it comes to colour, the red colour of Pinot Noir is way more lighter in comparison with other red wines, due to the little pigment-presence in the thin grape skin. A bottle of rich and silky Pinot Noir would be the perfect companion to poultry, pork and lamb dishes. It is your call.

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