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Is the Rising Problem of Counterfeits in E-Cigarettes a New Market Trend

Survival. The one word that sums up the business world. But what is it that distinguishes title-holders from also-runs? Is it luck or innovation? Whichever it is, one thing is for sure, success is all about finding a winning strategy to knock out the opponents.

But regardless if you are the swarmer, the out-boxer, the slugger or the boxer-puncher, how do you outplay impostors? Copycat versions of branded products are on the rise. Made with cheaper materials, counterfeits are sold at much, much lower prices, making the business winners, the losers. And this is the major rising problem of world-known e-cigarette makers.

Although counterfeiting is usually associated with luxury goods, such as handbags, wallets, perfumes and jewelry, the Darwen, England-based e-cigarette maker Liberty Flights, seems to have joined the ranks of the known brands like Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. “The same problem is faced by Louis Vuitton.”, but “We’ve got a brand, we’re well-known,” expressed Matthew Moden, the founder of the British e-cigarette maker.

E-cigarettes, otherwise known as personal vaporizers or vapers, are battery-powered devices that look and feel like the real cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes though, vapers do not contain tobacco, but do have nicotine which is mixed with flavourings and other liquids like glycerin and propylene glycol creating a mixture known as e-liquid. These electronic devices produce-cigarette-like smoke, called vapor thanks to the heating element which basically atomizes e-liquid held in a cartridge.

Because e-cigarettes do not contain nor burn tobacco, experts claim they are safer than regular cigarettes. Moreover, they are an effective way to ditch the tobacco addiction for good. Of course, if using genuine products. And that’s where counterfeiting poses danger. Aside from low-quality batteries that do not last as long and fail to recharge the devices, counterfeit e-liquids from unlicensed makers contain far higher levels of nicotine which are alarming.

But the low prices is the driving force behind e-cigarettes counterfeits market flooding. And this represents a problem not only for known e-cigarette makers, but for independent manufacturers and “large tobacco companies, including Philip Morris International Inc. and British American Tobacco, which have in the past year invested heavily in e-cigarettes in a bid to mitigate years of declining sales in regular cigarettes.” Source: www.wsj.com.

Luckily, authorities are recognizing the fake versions of Liberty Flights e-cigarettes and related products, and propose stricter regulations to “improve the safety of e-cigarettes and reduce the number of low-quality or dangerous products”. Whether this will solve the counterfeit problem or help unlicensed e-cigarette makers to flourish is hard to tell. One thing is for sure, Liberty Flights will continue to ensure the supply of quality products to the Australian & New Zealand market with their premium GCMS tested e-liquid and electronic cigarettes along with providing exceptional customer support via their 7 day a week Customer Support Team in the local market time zone.

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