Join the Cycling Trend: How to Choose the Right Bike Saddle

Bicycles are made of many different smaller and bigger parts, and all of them are very important. However, when it comes to comfort and posture, bike saddles are one of the most important parts. Whether you are looking for a new one because your old one isn’t comfortable or you have to replace it for another reason, choosing the right one is crucial. Every cyclist knows that there is a huge difference in how a bike feels, how comfortable and how enjoyable your ride is, when the bicycle seat is good quality and when it’s not. 

However, things aren’t as simple, as there are many different types of seats with many different properties, and, most importantly, because each person is different, and what’s comfortable for you, can be painful for someone else. So, how can you recognise if a seat is the right choice for you? The best way to find the right bike saddle Australia has to offer for you is to slowly narrow down your options, by learning about the different types of seats for bikes and eliminating the ones you don’t think are for you.

When you buy something as important as the saddle for your bicycle, choosing high-quality is a must. High quality refers to the materials used in the production, as well as the quality of the production itself. And not only does it determine durability and resilience, but it also plays a role in how comfortable the seat will be. Another very important thing to keep in mind while choosing a bike saddle is your style of cycling. Namely, there are five main styles: recreational cycling, road cycling, bike touring, bike commuting and mountain biking. This can help you choose the four main aspects of the bike seat: the size, the cushioning, the shape and the cover material.

Shape and Cushioning Can Influence Comfort

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Determining how much cushioning in the bike saddle is right for you is key. However, even though it may seem counterintuitive, experienced cyclists will tell you that more plush padding doesn’t always mean that the seat is better or more comfortable. There are a lot of cyclists that even prefer seats without any cushioning, even though others may find them uncomfortable. 

For instance, if you like road cycling, touring or mountain biking, minimal cushioning is the best choice for you. This is because less cushioning gives you better power transfer while peddling. These types of bike seats are designed to minimise chafing when you paddle, saving you from a lot of discomforts and even pain. These cycle seats are also generally longer and narrower.

Bike seats with more cushioning are the better option for recreational cycling and cruising. This is because more padding will help absorb the bumps on the road while you are cycling. Unlike the previous type, these bicycle seats are wider and have a shorter nose. Some seats come with additional padding. 

Ultimately it all comes down to your preferences. Nevertheless, if you take your cycling style into account when choosing the padding and the shape for your seat, you may be positively surprised by the results. The padding on the seat can be either foam or gel, and both options have their advantages, and they come in different qualities and with different properties. Generally, the gel is more comfortable, but it can also get compacted faster than foam.

The Material Quality Can Influence Durability

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The material used on the cover of your seat is another important thing to take into account. The quality of the material will of course influence the price of the seat and high quality is always better. This is why you should look for a high-quality bike saddle Australia wide, especially if you are really into cycling and you are riding your bike often. Because you should never compromise on your comfort. 

Most importantly, a bigger initial investment, in this case, is cost-efficient, because it will most likely mean that the bike saddle will last longer. This is because they tend to be hard-wearing and they can be much better at resisting the elements. Furthermore, covers of bicycle saddles that are made of better-quality materials don’t require a lot of break-in time, they weigh less, they have better flex, and so on. 

The seat covers can be made of different materials, including cotton, leather or synthetic materials. Experienced riders often choose synthetic materials, because the properties are often more favourable for this purpose. Namely, synthetic materials are more lightweight, don’t require a lot of maintenance, and are easier to break in. 

The Right Size is Crucial 

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The size of your bicycle is another thing that can significantly influence your comfort. A size that is suitable for you, will offer the right support for your seat bones. And ultimately this will affect your entire body, as well as your state of mind. When we feel discomfort or we are in pain, we tend to keep our bodies in odd positions, which can result in more exhaustion, pain, and may even end up in injury. 

Because we all weigh differently and have different body types, it is crucial to choose the right width of the cycling saddle. While you can choose whatever cover material you like, and then you can experiment with cushioning and the shape of the seat until you find what suits your body and your cycling style best, when it comes to the size, you should always aim for the perfect match. 

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