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Join the Hygge Trend: Turn Your Home Cosy the Scandinavian Way

Although you may not be up to following countries’ rankings all the time, there’s one ranking in particular you’ve probably heard of: the one of happiness. According to the latest UN World Happiness Report, Scandinavians are keeping up with the records, with Norway, Denmark, and Iceland in the top three happy positions.

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Point is, Scandinavians have been leaders in being the happiest in the world  for quite some time now, so this explains it why Scandinavian interior decor style has been such a trend. If you want to welcome this style in your home, start with getting to know the nordic philosophy known as hygge.

Hygge is best described as the lifestyle of contentment, and cosiness, the optimal well-being through the enjoyment of the simple things, or to explain it in other words, hygge is all things cosy in life.

Hygge can be enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee with your loved ones at the natural wood Scandinavian coffee table Australia round shops are filled with, it’s getting immersed in a captivating book at the reading nook by the window while pinned on a nordic chair, or petting your furry friends on that comfy throw rug.

Apart from timeless models of Scandinavian coffee table Australia round shops are also bountiful in comfortable sofas with upholstery in a range of colours (Scandinavian isn’t only about black and white, you know!), open shelving pieces you can fill your home with, and of course, the appealing and ultra-cosy chunky knit blankets you can sink in on a weekend morning, eat your breakfast in bed, and contemplate on the beauty of life as you forget the world outside.

Since this philosophy is about treating oneself at its very core, don’t forget to treat yourself with having romantic candle lit dinners, soothing baths accompanied by aromatherapy oils to awaken all your senses, watching films by the fireplace in the chilly days of winter, and stargazing on the rattan chairs at the deck in summer.

As you can see, this trend is all about turning your home into a sanctuary with the help of emphasising the cosiness of the ambiance, getting your own stress free zone, and since Scandinavians always draw inspiration from nature, you can’t go wrong by amplifying the comfortable atmosphere by adding a few plants in some stylish vases and planters (for example in brass finish), and let more light in with the help of reflecting it with strategically placed elegant mirrors.

Now that you know a bit more about hygge, I’m sure it’s a trend you wouldn’t be able to resist. And, we can agree, it’s a trend that won’t be getting out of style any time soon.

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