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Keep Up With the Green Trends: Odor Neutralizers

Odor Neutralizers

It’s difficult to think of deodorizers as accessories, due to the fact that the benefits they provide for most facilities, such as restrooms, make them sort of necessary. There are various different types of deodorizers that come in different scents and with different add-ons which can help you keep your facility’s restroom clean and smelling nice. This can increase customer satisfaction and overall experience, and can help increase your profits.

Most bathroom odors come from the bacteria found in human waste. An odor neutralizer negates that bacteria and prevents the formation of odor. Depending on the product you choose, it may contain various different compounds and materials that perform this task. But besides neutralizing the odor, these products oftentimes contain concentrated scents that provide a pleasant smell.

The scents found in an odor neutralizer work great in all weather conditions, regardless of whether it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold. You might be surprised by the vast range of scents that neutralizers come in. In fact, you can find some with scents of cinnamon spice, cherry, lemon twist and so many others. Different people have different preferences and manufacturers strive to make everyone happy.

Furthermore, some people argue that many neutralizers are harmful to the environment. And while that is true, worth knowing is that many of them are environmentally friendly as well. There are natural extracts that help neutralize bacteria and bind the odors inside the liquid. These neutralizers don’t use any chemicals that may cause harm to people and the environment, such as formaldehyde which can be found on some deodorizers. And you probably understand that pleasing the greenest clients can be extremely beneficial and help set you apart from competition.

You can also use scented vinyl urinal screens to deodorize the scent from the male urinals for up to a month. These screens also reduce the development of scale deposits and prevent back splash. Moreover, they’re also 100% biodegradable and VOC compliant, so you can rest assured that using deodorizers and urinal screens will allow you to pass safety and health regulations.

In order to get the best odor neutralizing solution for your restroom, buy from vendors that specialize in cleaning supplies. There are a lot of products that use harmful chemicals and do not neutralize the odor, instead they just mask it. Look for deodorizers made of green and non-toxic deodorizing components such as water, salt and essential oils. That way, you use a safe product whose ingredients are sustainable and easily broken down.

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